There are a million other things that I should be doing at 2am in the morning, and writing a new entry is most definitely not on that list. Sleeping should be at the top of the list, but for unexplained reasons, that seems more than elusive at the moment. Add in the fact that I’ve accomplished nothing tonight since I got home, and I just feel extremely terrible because I’ve wasted the night away. But that’s that. And here I am now.

Seeing that I’m still up and the brain continues to churn out thoughts at a frenetic pace, I’ve decided to give it some extra work to appease the madness that’s currently unfolding. And blogging more often than not is almost never a waste of time; it allows me to not only work on my mental abilities in terms of honing my thoughts and how coherent they can be, but also gives me a chance to work on getting my creative juices going with certain diction that are omitted in my daily encounters with people.

One of the things I’ve been really grateful for these past few weeks at community college is the ability to talk to people. I mean, on a basic level, that’s a pretty simplistic and mundane thing, but it’s also something I took for granted during my time at UCLA. This isn’t even necessarily relegated within the confines of talking to a girl (like, zomg), but rather just people in general and being able to find out more about them.

Admittedly, making small talk is not one of my fortes. Actually, I don’t think talking in general with people really falls under the category of my “strengths” at all. I s’pose I can blame my introvertedness for that, but I’d also like to think that it extends beyond such a predefined perception of who people are, and that all it really takes is an extra amount of  effort. (This lil piece may or may not be truth that I have yet to take to heart). Having gotten nearly 12 weeks into the semester now, for the various lab partners and class mates that I’ve seen on a regular basis, we’ve thankfully progressed past the small talk and are able to talk about things beyond the current weather, how was your weekend, and how’d you do on that last test.

It’s really fascinating, in that each and every person really does have an amazing story to tell. Now, I know that most of us live in an area that is terrible sheltered, and inhabiting such a bubble tends to preclude us from being able to have amazing adventures, but I also find it intriguing to see what people have done with their lives within these confines. Much to my surprise, a lot of people I’ve encountered are actually older than me, so they actually do have a little more living completed than I do. And by extension, they have a few more stories to share.

In a sense, I guess you could say people are like books. Each one has a different story to tell. And just by looking at its cover, you never really do know what the story is about. Even though I’ve over two decades of living, no one else has lived my life, and I’ve never lived anyone else’s. Where they’ve grown up, how they’ve grown up, what they did over the years in wherever they were; as obvious as it is, it didn’t really hit me until I thought about it and saw how dynamic everything is.

It’s even more interesting because these people aren’t from TC or the SGV or even LA necessarily. Not that there’s anything wrong w/ my friends, and I do love the fact that we have shared so many past experiences, but it’s also the thrill of the journey, discovery if you will, of new and untouched stories that lay before me. That’s pretty exciting. Even if the introvert in me says that it may be a little bit taxing to engage in this.


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