Breath of Fresh Air

I love the outdoors. Fresh air. Gentle breeze. Soft rays of sunshine. Musky scent of grass. How could you not? And so, I was a bit disappointed to hear that my usual Thanksgiving rituals were off the table; there wasn’t any early morning Turkey Bowl, nor was there the regular afternoon basketball at the middle school gym. The usual whole-body ache I’d get from going at it all day long was replaced by a day of sedentary nonactivity. I guess, thankfully, Turkey Bowl wasn’t exactly cancelled; it was pushed back to Saturday, so there’s still that.

Even aside from those two activities, I love being outside even on times when it’s not necessarily a special event. There may be times when my self-motivated desire to head outdoors may be more intermittent than consistent, but overall, if I’m free and available, and I’m given the chance to do so, I’m more than up for it. Hiking, running, biking, football, basketball; nothing really beats getting your body working, feeling those legs pump, arms and shoulders reaching, chest heaving, and just having the entire body in sync with nature. I don’t know if it’d ever be practical for me to one day live in the mountains or a more rural setting with less cars and more trails, but damn do I wish I could. I think one of my best memories of such a setting was a family trip we took up to Canada when I was in the 3rd grade, and as we were driving back to wherever we were staying, there were deer or something just idling around in the middle of the road. Absolutely idyllic.

At the end of the day, Thanksgiving was still a good time with the fambam. Had lunch w/ the sister, the fambam had a hotpot dinner, and we had family time to play some mahjong together. Parents then went to sleep, the sister made her tasty mashed potatoes, we set up the reindeer antlers/nose on three of our cars, and finished off the night by putting up our Christmas tree as well. Thankful for family. And friends too, for this upcoming weekend.


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