Good Times

I guess I have a love/hate relationship with holidays and days off and the like. Last Friday consisted of a LOTR marathon (we cheated by skipping all the Sam/Frodo scenes, but I feel like that’s a forgivable offense eh?). And afterwards, after most others had left, a few of us stayed up til 4am or so just talking about anything and everything. You don’t get too many of these moments, so that was pretty good to get some things off the chest, with no holds barred, and know that we weren’t judging each other, but just allowing each other to see different perspectives from where we respectively are in life. I payed a little bit for this small joy, in that Saturday morning Turkey Bowl was scheduled for 8.30am (I got there at 9.30am, after getting like 3.5 hrs of slp). Damn it felt great to play some football again, but I apparently paid a high price the day after, with my entire body aching from head to toe, specifically my shoulders, trunk/core, and legs/thighs. It also seemed that my immune system wasn’t as hardy as I thought it was; I may be coming down with something, as when I woke on Sunday morning, I could feel that scratchy uncomfortable feeling building up in the back of my throat. My problem may or may not have been exacerbated by my going out last night for beer and wings to celebrate a friend’s birthday. T’was also another moment of good times, of just chilling with the guys and watching people die by attempting to consume ultra-spicy wings (“suicide” flavored). As stereotypical as it sounds, how much better can it get to have beer, wings, and MNF (even if it was a bad game, going on in the back ground).

Sprinkle in some other miscellaneous gatherings over the long weekend, such as the college get-together (older graduated folks kill at taboo, apparently), watching some crazy cream puff makings go horribly wrong/seemingly right, bad food but good times at Yard House, and a nice simple lunch in the middle of the day; it becomes really hard to get back into the swing of things, especially as I have a project/paper of sorts to complete by tomorrow and finals quickly approaching in a few weeks time… Gotta love the days off, and hate coming back to the grind.

My sister also had a ballet performance this past Sunday. It was her second to last performance, with her final senior performance coming up in May. I may or may not miss these, seeing as how these biannual performances have been a staple of our family events for nearly the past decade. Sometimes these night’s have some nice dance numbers, such as the alumni contemporary dance this previous time. Other times, it’s a complete hogwash of random dances, sometimes composed of little kids doing random things, or a result of bad splicing of a story, like this previous attempt to put on Swan Lake. But in the end, even as I’ve had to sit through 3 hours of ballet each time, I do come away appreciative of the time and skill and dedication that they’ve put into putting on each show. It’s certainly a respect I would’ve never come to see if I were to approach this on my own.


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