Falling Forward

I guess I should write this post now, seeing as I still somewhat have time (aka I’m not entirely in panic mode yet) before the madness of finals sets in. It’s finally December 2012, meaning, holy cow, 2012 is almost over. The fall semester is almost over. The college football regular season actually is over. Times flies when you’re having fun eh?

Academically. I’m sorta sad to see fall semester go. Grades aside, I think this has got to be one of the more enjoyable periods of classes I’ve had in the past few years. Granted, this was the first time I’ve had a 16 week stretch of class since HS, and if you discount the disparity between instruction levels at a UC and a JC, I thoroughly enjoyed my classes (and classmates) and may have even learned something as well. I think I’m gonna miss the routine of these past few months, b/c unlike HS, the following semester is a brand new ballgame, and not necessarily a continuation of the fall. God knows the quarter system shuffled you through things left and right; that may have just sailed over my head by a smidgen. Or so. This upcoming week is the final week of instruction, and then it’s finals week. So sad. (And so much work to do! What’s a cumulative final? I haven’t had one of those in a while, lulz)

Football. My oh my what a season it’s been as a UCLA fan. New coach, new team, renewed hopes. At the time of this writing, we’re a 9-4 team who was 3 points off from getting the Rose Bowl berth. But you know what? We’re a 9-4 team that outright won the PAC-12 South division and finally had a strong showing against our crosstown rival. The wins this season didn’t feel like flukes either; this team went out and grabbed ’em. T’was definitely the most satisfying season to be a Bruin (seeing as how I entered undergrad in 2008 aka Neuheisel’s first season.. dramatic change lol). It feels good. Here’s hoping for a bowl victory to set ourselves up for the next year.

There’s some trepidation about moving on, moving forward. As much fun as this fall has been, and as much as I would like to naively hold on to this status quo that I’m at, I know this is just fool’s gold, and that I gotta get out of what’s been comfortable these past few months to hopefully move onto greener and better pastures. I don’t have any classes lined up for winter intercession, so realistically, I’m not headed back to class until Spring semester, which starts either the 18th or 25th of February? (JK. Right as I finished typing that sentence, I checked the schedule of classes, for kicks, and it looks like a “Medical Terminology” class has waitlist spots open. Fingers crossed.) Despite that, the point of the matter still stands: I’m still in a state of limbo, trying to pull myself out of this purgatory keeping me away from getting my career on track. I gotta get back into the game w/ concrete items on my table. Whether that reveals itself to be some temp job or volunteer opportunity.. I gotta find something in 2013 to help me pass the time.

I’m sure there’ll be a later post down the road reflecting on the entirety of what 2012 has brought, but this one was s’posed to focus more on the Fall semester/season/past few months. And the good that is. Was. And hopefully is something I can capture in a bottle, both as something to remember the goodtimes on, as well as something to help propel me forward from here.


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