Until Christmas

It’s just seven days before Christmas is here, and amidst all the hullabaloo and excitement of the holiday season, I couldn’t help but wonder if all the joy and merriment of the season, building up to the day, may be more palpable than the actual day itself. In the almost entire month that comes before the day of Christmas, you see the decorations go up, the Christmas lights, the festive colors, and the holiday feelings just abuzz in the air. The radio waves are filled with Christmas songs; some of which continue to play in our minds even as we break away from the radio. There are plays and productions and huge dedicated events just because it’s that “special time of year.”  And admittedly, it is a great season; I too thoroughly enjoy seeing the laughter and smiles. Although, I sometimes get confused as to why people point and stare and laugh at my car, and then I remember it’s b/c of the reindeer antlers and nose I have. Hehz.

For me, it feels like this goes hand in hand with the maxim of it not being about the destination, but the journey. For what other event during the year is there an entire month’s build-up and hype worth? For what other month/season are people expecting and hoping for some time off/away from their regular mundane lives to specifically find some time to hangout with family and friends, all in the spirit of the season? This year, I’m almost not looking forward to Christmas for some reason, because, once it arrives, the next thing you know, it’ll be gone, and then NYE/NYD are upon us, and it’s suddenly 2013, and everyone’s back to school and work and gone is all the merriment and joy, which then is replaced with gruff faces and stone-cold demeanor.

But then therein lies the question, why is it, that once we reach that destination, does everything seem to just become so boring and uninteresting. To quote the famous Prince Derek, “What else is there?” I mean, I suppose if my family had a huge get together with relatives, had a ginormous feast littered with endless amounts of food, had a room filled with family members across several generations, all opening gifts and seeing the joy and delight on everyone’s faces as presents are unwrapped, to have grandparents and grandchildren laugh and giggle with each other; if Christmas was a big deal with a big family, I imagine I too would be a lot more into it. But at the end of the day, it’s really just another day.

tl;dr: Holiday season > Christmas Day?

(This entry didn’t have as much coherency/expansion of ideas as I’d like, as the parentals kept coming in/out of my room and distracting me. Oops.


One thought on “Until Christmas

  1. LOL you quoted prince derek. you also added a tl;dr. entry win.

    Also, i agree with your thoughts about the holidays. but i think that about everything. i guess i’ve always been more of a journey person.

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