With Christmas right around the corner, it’s been interesting to watch the world (and some of my friends) go into a frenzy over the idea of getting the perfect gift for all the people on their shopping list. While that isn’t something that I necessarily engage in, I wish all those folks the best when it comes to dealing with the crowds and mass of people and headaches and pains that come along with driving and trying to find parking and waiting in the long lines that are abundant during the holiday season. There are also people that I know that just thoroughly enjoy the idea of giving presents to people so much more than receiving them. I can sorta understand that mindset (sorta not really ish), and I think they’re pretty swell folks.

It’s not that I don’t like presents (I do. I mean, who doesn’t?), but from my past experiences, most presents tend to be something of little use to me, and they merely fall to the wayside, getting tossed into the abyss that is our garage/storage/closet/etc. Heck, even the mother has just defaulted to handing me Target gift cards every present giving event; I have more than I know what to do with. I also am fortunate to come from a background of never really being in need; if there’s something I want or need (within reason), I can just go out and get it. (well, that, and there’s also the Lil matter of my never getting the latest and greatest item when I was a Lil kid really helped to temper my expectations). So really, all I that look for during the holiday season or my birthday or whatever big event there is isn’t the materialistic side of things; it’d the presence of friends and family that I truly enjoy. Take my birthday this past year for example. The sister and parentals had coordinated a surprise party for me, gathering a number of friends to come over and celebrate the spiffy occasion of my 22nd nameday. I honestly don’t remember the presents I got (if any, not that I’m keeping count), but the memories and having my friends present was more than enough to give me reason to smile and celebrate.

Tl;dr sentimental > materialistic


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