A story is the most marvelous thing. We’re first met with the introduction (exposition), wherein which the framework and foundation of whats about to be unraveled is laid before us. That’s followed by the rising action, which is a series of events that slowly builds towards the point of upmost interest in a literary undertaking. The climax, as most people are familiar with, is the tip of the story, where the most important or mind-blowing action takes places. This leads into the falling action, where we get perhaps one final blurb of unfolding related to the tale being told. The denouement (resolution) usually brings about the conclusion of the story, wrapping up loose ends, and finalizing that which came before it. At least, this is how I remember things my English lessons from grade school, coinciding with the always truthful resource that is wikipedia.

As I mentioned before, I love reading. The ability of a book, which is composed of pages upon pages of chapters and paragraphs, filled with sentences unending, all constructed with 26 characters arranged in different orders, all orchestrated together by the imagination of an author with the ability to create something that is truly a gestalt creation (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts). Admittedly, classics give me a little more pause as I attempt to lose myself within the text held together by perhaps a different grammatical syntax and a diction that may not exactly correlate to modern times, but that’s besides the point.  If you take a look at such a piece holistically, it all comes back to the plot of the story, of which a basic plot would have the aforementioned five parts to it.

Life, or this thing that we seemed to be engaged in, seems to be quite analogous to a story. Breaking it down even further, we see that relationships can similarly be made of the same pieces. And because of how alike the two are, I must admit, even though I identify myself as being an introvert, the unravelings of getting to know someone, of befriend people, can be a most wonderful process to undertake. (As I start onto this topic, I see how similar this is to my previous entry, but I think this’ll take on an identity of its own). Because, that while I may have touched on this before, I’m inclined to take this one step further for this post.

I’ve never been in an official serious relationship in my 22.5 years of living (How am I 22.5 yrs old already?). Sure, I’ve had my fair share of likes, crushes, and infatuations from time to time, but I guess at the end of the day, they were just that. Likes, crushes, and infatuations of which didn’t really carry any semblance of substance. Of the girls that I’ve “fallen” for, and here I hope that I’m not rewriting history or attempting to apply some goggle of revision or whatnot, but I’m not entirely sure I could articulate as to why I was so captivated at the time. But yet, lately, both anecdotal experience and from reading, one of the most attractive things I’d like to see in a gal is intelligence (not necessarily book smart or street smart, but moreso along the lines of a sharp and witty mind, a mind that can handle a gentle give and take between two persons). Granted, a lot of people often put a trait or characteristic like “smart” onto their lists, and I s’pose that’s a no-brainer. But I think, and this may also be from the influence of a friend (in addition to the two items I’ve listed before), that it is a mind that can challenge and engage that makes someone so interesting. I mean, yeah, you can have those vague descriptions of “she makes me happy, she makes me feel good, she knows what to say, I like hanging out with her, etc etc etc” which are completely valid as well (I think), but when a girl can bring a topic of interest that you just can’t stop thinking about, or a comment she makes that just gets under your skin and gets your gears churning for untold epochs of time; it’s just becomes something really intriguing.

No, this isn’t any new groundbreaking nugget of wisdom, of that I’m sure. But at this point in time, this seems to be more than relevant for where I’m at, especially when one is able to encounter a new person that previously isn’t a friend, and provides a breath of fresh air and perspective, who can challenge your paradigm on life, without necessarily demanding a change in your thoughts and beliefs. Such a person who you can bounce ideas back and forth, as you slowly unravel the person that they are, as you begin to know them better; such a person can really be a refreshing change from some friends one may current have. Especially when there are some friends of who you thought were connected to you on a similar wavelength, only to find out that they could drop you and change frequencies without really telling you; I’ve tried telling myself that I’m done with that, and that I’m not bothered by it, essentially feigning apathy, but sometimes that just isn’t true.

Most friendships, even relationships, nay especially relationships, remain in a constant state of rising action to allow us to spar with another and keep things fresh. One of the greatest fears in friendships and relationships is when that rising action finally reaches the climax, at which things no longer are new or opening, and have become too stale; at this point, things have the chance of unraveling and falling apart. I mean, there’s a stage of comfortable silence, but when that comfortableness with friends becomes awkward and untoward? When someone has decided that they’ve discovered everything that they can about you, that they feel there’s nothing left for them to gain from having a friendship/relationship with you; I pray that day may never come. (I find it funny that these topics of fear are somewhat echoed by 15 year old me. Some things just don’t change. But should they?)

Regarding relationships, I love that wongfu (rather, Phil of Wongfu) blogged about this, complete with graphics and everything about the progression of a relationship. It seems like a nice hybrid (or blend, if you will) between that of a story and a relationship. His xanga entry from 2008 eventually made its way into video form in 2011, with their short up on the Wongfu youtube channel.


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