Lazy days

Lazy days of Summer.. Winter? We’ve been going through days with highs in the low60s and lows in the low40s; the days have been cold and the nights have been.. colder? Routine sleep and meal schedules have been thrown out the window, and I’m just living on my own time, whatever that means. I missed Christmas Service, and part of me is kinda sad/upset cuz that’s the one day everyone sorta shows up, and I missed it. But I’m also angry/mad cuz no one bothered to wonder where I was. Or everyone (the regulars at least? idk) already knows I just don’t wake in the morning, so they don’t bother to do anything about it. Either way I take it, it sucks to be me. They don’t care, I don’t care, no one cares. But I guess life’s not Burger King, and I can’t quite have it my way eh?

Got to shoot some hoops and do all that hoopla (see what I did there?); it’s been a long while since I’ve played some basketball. Seems I still have it, whatever it may be. I hit my open jump shots, got a couple of my little hook shots to fall, kissed a sweet shot off the backboard, and even managed to make a layup off a fast break w/ pressure (and proceeded to get my next one swatted, but you win some, you lose some). T’was good to get my legs back under me. Except, the day after had the Christmas Bowl on the docket. This was not one of my smarter decisions. I think I only had one reception on the day, with the rest of my targets all being drops. Granted, the passes could’ve been better, but I was able to get my hands on the ball, which should translate into a reception. I also had zero sacks on the day, and may have had the sister sack the qb by getting around me. Not a good day on the field. But t’was nonetheless always great to play some football.

I was going to follow up these two mad days with another insane activity better known as snowboarding, but decided against it (the morning of =X). Went to watch Les Miserables instead, which was my second time, just a day after it’s release. (First time around was the 10pm midnight release, lulz) I really enjoyed the story behind the musical, but I guess the pacing was too fast, which may potentially detract from allowing you to get the full blast of feels from the story. Jean Valjean, the convict living a fugitive life, obedient to his adopted high moral compass. Javert, the obsessive inspector, devoting his life to hunting down the criminal, as is his duty to the law. And in the midst of their back and forth, you have characters coming in and out of their lives/story, revolving around the French Revolution (June Rebellion). *spoiler alert* Both of their lives end as they complete (or fail to complete) the task to which they ascribe themselves to; with Jean Valjean’s passing after his care of Cosette is passed to her husband, and Javert’s death coming when he cannot process that which is right from the letter of the law. I think I’d love to read Victor Hugo’s novel, but I hear it’s a massive beast of writing. We shall see.

I managed to work in some gardening, seeing as how I had nothing better to do. I did some trimming and pruning of our persimmon and peach trees, and after noticing I had a bundle of branches just waiting to be disposed of, decided to take it upon myself to have a DIY crafts session. I made two coasters out of it, which are servicable, but not necessarily as nice as I had envisioned it to be (Thanks to this site for instructions).

Batch 1, DIY twig coasters

Batch 1, DIY twig coasters

Batch 2, DIY twig coasters

Batch 2, DIY twig coasters

I apologize for the instagram filters, lulz. Batch 1 was used w/ the straightest twigs I could find, and for Batch 2, I sanded ’em down to try and get them to fit better. Batch 1 was like 4×3.5″, and Batch 2 was 5×3.5″.

Tomorrow we’ll discover what our god in heaven has in store.


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