To look ahead; looking behind

One semester gone, another one begins. Unfortunately it took forever for Mt. SAC to get my grades out, and it’s also unfortunate that I came out of last Fall w/ a 3.66. A in Anatomy, A in Nutrition, and B in Microbiology after holding an A all semester. No crying over spilled milk, but god I hated the professors for that class. One was fat, ignorant of the world outside her field, and technologically stupid (the latter two of which really irk me). The other one was oft late (she had a sub for like 3 classes) and answered your questions half the time, and usually in a “mmm, yeah, no..” manner. Whatever.

10 units at PCC this Spring. (No prospects in either my Physio or Speech class. lulz) For Physio, we’re in their new “Science Village” area, which is composed of bungalow buildings. I.E. not permanent buildings. If being at Mt. SAC was like being in HS again, my first day at PCC was like being back in middle school or something. The heater wasn’t working, so the temp inside the classroom was 48 degress (at 8am), and eventually shot up to 54 degrees by the time we left at 11.20am. And unlike Mt. SAC, where it seemed I was surrounded by a good number of ppl who held a Bachelor’s, it looks like it’s gonna be the opposite at PCC.

Parking’s a lot better I guess. The structure wasn’t completely filled up, even with my getting to campus 10 minutes before a 9am class today. Their online system is completely whack though, what with it going offline at 6pm on a Sunday, the day before a semester begins (I guess it’s a normal thing; not just semester issues. Wow). While it’s a plus that the campus is compact (in that I’m not walking for miles to get to places), the construction and roads and architecture is a little.. depraved, at least, when compared against the new buildings and shiny roads over at Mt. SAC.

Jumping back to the online system thing. Mt. SAC ditched blackboard for this thing called Moodlerooms. Fine I s’pose, as 2/3 classes made use of it (the exception being the technologically inept one, but you know). Here at PCC, I’m not entirely sure what’s happening. Blackboard is still active, but my Physio class uses something called Canvas, and my Speech class s’posedly will be using Blackboard (she hasn’t set anything up yet…). Two online classroom resource system type thingamobbers, one campus. PCC is ridiculous.

Yeah, upon initial impressions, I miss Mt. SAC already, but it’s only been two days into the semester. And yet I’m already struggling with a “I’m better than you” mentality… Whether or not that may hold true, they’re still people, and one can always learn so much from other people, and classes are so much more entertaining with friends, eh?

There are also very few Asians in my class (of the same age, another thing I was fortunate to have this previous Fall). But there are a bunch of fobs wandering the corridors. Two of my worst fears combined. Uh oh.


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