Silver Linings Playbook

Another morning, another day wasted away. With just 10 units hours of class and us just being two weeks into the semester, I’m not sure if I’m slacking off around into the realm of procrastination, or if there’s just not enough assignments coming at me to keep me busy. And with all this free time, I’ve been vegging away, although I’ve mostly been neglecting the movie aspect of things. I’ve completed re-reading The Hobbit (well, seeing as how I was like in 4th grade when I first read it, it was essentially a brand new re-discovering the journey of Bilbo Baggins), have finished up to season 6 of Friends, and am on the verge of finishing season 1 of Lie To Me. I woke up today thinking and hoping that it’d be a productive day off (MLK holiday and whatnot), except, well, that never goes as planned. Oops.

What I have done today is watch Silver Linings Playbook (as recommended by reddit lulz). The story walks us through two broken lives than need repairing, with various issues such as broken-marriages, medications, therapy, sex-abuse, anger management… it’s a dirty laundry list attached to people who’ve fallen from where they once were. I’m not quite sure if it’s appropriate to call it a tragic romantic film, but with the initial rough patches and the idealistic hope that I kept clinging to throughout the whole movie for the protagonists, it sure felt that way. (Award nominations for the film have it placed in a comedy, so I guess there’s elements from the whole gamut of categories.)  And despite the age difference between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence (b.1975 and b.1990), the actors really helped pull me into their imperfect lives and want to walk with them as they tried to find themselves and find each other. Everything was just so dysfunction and imperfect, yet there was also just so much beauty to be found interwoven throughout the film with the thread of football, which always helps pique my interests lulz. When there’s this one scene w/ Jennifer Lawrence going off on a rant about sports… Oohhhh. That was pretty amazing.

Yeah. I started writing this entry filled with all these thoughts about the movie, but then the words and structure and everything cohert just escaped me. So. Summary. Good movie. I liked it. A lot. I gotta work on my thoughts and words.


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