Here We Go

I’m a fan of the winter season. The cold, the rain, the blistering bite of the harsh weather that softly caresses your cheek in the dark of the night.. well, I guess it’s more of a stingy touch, but whatever. And I guess, around Nov/Dec, as we enter the standard “Winter is coming” phase, everyone’s just in such a happy/joyful/festive mood. But with the new years and people getting back into the mundane swing of things, life gets somewhat.. boring. Or something.

Not to beat a dead horse, but last winter wasn’t a fun time for me. I’m just gonna leave it at that, and using it as a point of reference, I’d venture to say this year’s been moderately more tolerable. (Of course, there’s been this nagging downer of a thought that’s been constantly plaguing my mind/been sitting on the back-burner, but I’m dealing with it. Sorta.) And with my having finished Spring Break (already..) without having done anything grandiose in a sense, well, that’s not making any positive contributions to the feels. Other’s Spring Breaks don’t even start for another 2 to 3 weeks, so, that’s been an unfortunate asynchronous matter.

And so. I’ve started a project, that in my opinion, categorizes my current mood (of dgaf) quite well. I haven’t shaved in a week. I’d say it still looks somewhat presentable, but is beginning to feel slightly intolerable. I’m also quite aware of how, in general, whenever I go through extended periods of time without taking the proper care of my hair, it doesn’t get pretty. I grew my hair out for a good 8/9 months back in my junior year of high school, which was an experiment of which I have no desires to return to. I also tried growing out my facial hair sometime in my undergrad years of college, but unfortunately, I don’t remember how long I did that for. I do, however, remember thinking to myself, “Damn, that didn’t look good.” So what’s the rationale in doing something that I know didn’t turn out great? I wish I had the answer, but I don’t. I wonder how long I can hold out for. Seven days and counting…

8 weeks left in the semester. Means I have 8 weeks to figure some things out, or else in 2 months time, I’m a man without a plan, which doesn’t bode well at all. (Slight tangent, was reminded the other day that I’ve passed 22.5 and nearly 23 years old. Which, in a number sense, is whatevers. Except, when you combine the age thing with the lack of a plan thing… Oh Scheisse.)

Edit: for the record, I only lasted 2 wks without shaving. Thanks to my great Asian genes, all that happens in 14 days’ time is weak patchy growth. Although, if I ever get to that age, I do say my facial hairball allow me to pull off an awesome “old Asian man” look. But yeah. Regardless of my being 18 or 22, the look just doesn’t work for me.


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