Spring Awakenings

Another fun fact about my sister’s birthday is that it always coincides with the arrival of the vernal equinox (also more colloquially known as the first day of Spring). But even before the actual date on the calendar rolled around, I could already see it coming through via the plants in my backyard, as all the barren branches slowly began to sprout their first green shoots of the new season. I’m not sure as to what exactly brought about this action on my part, but as I noticed the various new blossoms showing through, I decided that the trees needed pruning and attention if they were to grow properly this upcoming season.

It started as something simple at first: I just wanted to prop up our peach tree (this is the second iteration; our first peach tree fell victim to the violent windstorm that knocked out power to most of the city late 2011) because last season, it grew too low, so all the branches clumped up together, making it impossible to see what was growing where. Also, because of the low-hanging fruit, our dogs took all the choice pickings before we even knew that there were fruits ripe for the picking. So my goal was to lift it up off the ground and give our peach tree more room to grow. With a little string here and some random props to push up some branches, it’d started to look pretty good.

Then I realized, that in order for the little peach tree to grow up and out, I’d need to clear space in the upper stratospheres currently occupied by other fauna. We’ve got a couple rose bushes trees that just seemingly keep growing up and out and all over the place. If we wanted to leave our backyard unattended, I’m sure it’d make a nice backdrop to the scenery, but in this instance, the branches and leaves were invading the space of my precious peach tree! So over a span of two days, I just started hacking away at the branches growing in the general vicinity of the peach tree, and eventually hauled out two trash cans full of debris. This was relatively easy, and surprising somewhat cathartic.

About a week later, mi padre asked me to pick out a bunch of lemons for him to use. So once again, I went outside to our little jungle and noticed that, while the lemon tree was growing everywhere fruitfully, the direction of its growth brought it into disputed airspace with… another rose plant. So there I was again, hacking away at all the damn branches and stems and roots of the rose, and it was pretty amazing to see how long and convoluted both the branches and roots could grow to. I’m still pretty sure that I didn’t even uproot all of the pesky rose roots that I was aiming for because the roots form such an extensive network of headache. Either way, after clearing it all out, and doing some additional pruning on the lemon tree (cutting off branches that were growing downward, removing ones that grew too close to the base/to each other, limiting the progress of some branches so others may grow in its space…), I realized I had a huge pile of crap that I needed to throw out. On one hand, it was pretty damn satisfying to see all that I’d managed to do in terms of getting rid of the pest here, and as I admired my handiwork, I decided to call it quits. As of this entry, that pile is still out there taking up space in the backyard. I’ll need to get rid of that on the next trash day.

When I’m finally fortunate enough to have a special someone in my life, and if she’s not allergic to pollen and the like, I assume I’d prolly be sending her roses/flowers as gifts from time to time. But. I think the lesson I’ve learned here is that, regarding growing roses as plants at home; that’s a big no-no. I’m doing all that I can to eradicate any signs of rose activity in areas that they shouldn’t be in, but I’m pretty sure they’re onto me and have a strategy to foil my every move. And the even more general extension from this experience is, when I get to the point in my life when I’m finally getting my own place (a house, rather than apartment/condo), I definitely am gonna need some sort of backyard. The greenage really is beautiful, especially when its adorned with various fruits and trees littering the landscape. To bring it back to the present moment, it’s even more awesome when you have three crazy dogs running around in the open space playing with each other. But I s’pose that’s a story for another time then.


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