No, I haven’t abandoned this, I’ve just had a lack of interest in getting around to updating. For the umpteenth time since I started the semester at PCC, life has just been terribly mundane. We just finished week 12, meaning there’s exactly a month left in the semester before it’s all over. It really feels like an anticlimactic crawl to the end, because this whole journey thus far has been far from extraordinary. Mehhz.

I’m currently still aching and sore from the endeavors of my past two days. And seeing as the topic of my last post fits perfectly with the continuation of this post, that’s where I’ll pick off. My lower back, abs/core, chest, arms, and upper back are still recovering from my adventures in gardening (upper back d/t sun burn; everything else d/t fatigue). I completely uprooted a menacing vine from our backyard, and it wasn’t a pretty process. Underneath the sick overgrowth, there were dead and withering shrivels of dried vines and leaves that, when disturbed, released a whole bunch of flaky pieces off and into the wind and into my face. Add that to the fact that we had a little garden decoration that all the vine to climb upwards to 1.5x my height, and it was a pretty messy situation. So after going through a phase where I was constantly reaching upwards to clear the debris, I had to bend downward the dig out and turn over the soil to get to the extensive root network of this plant. I’m still not sure I got everything out, even after going maybe a foot deep into the soil. Additional tilling of the land was accomplished on day two with the added mixture of fertilizer before I threw in some potted plants from Home Depot. I’m also thinking of adding a tree, but I’m not exactly sure yet.

So all that activity was about 6 hours of work in the garden, good for some functional exercise (exercise that has real-life applicability as opposed to working out in the gym w/ weights and/or isolating and targeting muscles). My naivety on day 1 led to getting sun burned pretty badly; thank goodness for aloe vera and sunblock on day 2 lol. There’s also something comforting about feeling the earth beneath your toes and through your fingers as you’re messing around back there, especially given the copious amounts of free time I have this semester with 10 units of class that feels more like 5 units worth of work (as opposed to the 12 units I had at Mt. SAC which felt like a good 16 units of work). It’s also therapeutic to be combating nature and coming out feeling accomplished as I saw five trash cans full of flora waste that I had removed. Now if only the damned plants would start fruiting… (I’m looking at you, dragonfruit cacti…)

p.s. Shaun T is insane, since 3/27.


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