Two sides of the coin. Fantasy. Reality. One where your mind tries to fill in the gaps to create the best possible scenario that it can conjure up, and you live in it and are filled with euphoria at the thought of it. But you’re aware that this isn’t real, that you can’t go on dwelling in the land of dreams, because extended exposure to such a temptation can pull you into the void. You have to venture back out into the real world, even though it sometimes is a whole lot less exciting than what we’d like. As you take those risks and slowly peek your head out from under that shell, you’re exposed to the truth, and the truth hurts. Life isn’t all sunshine and daises, and your distorted facsimile of a world is nothing close to what really happens. All your hopes are built up, only to see it crash and burn as you see diminishing returns on the actions you put out. And so reality sets in. Clouds begin to block out the sun, and the daises begin to wilt and wither. Times have changed, and things are no longer as they once were.


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