Yeah, I know it’s been a while since the last update. It’s been really tough to find anything of value to ramble about as I’ve been navigating the mundane maze that is/was community college. I’m pretty sure I finally got out of a period of classes with A’s across the board; although this doesn’t feel like any accomplishment because of the abundance of extra credit that was available in all my classes. To beat on a dead horse, I’ve never had any of my classes in a quarter/semester be this generous, but whatever. I’m glad the boredom is over, although that’s only been replaced with another type of boredom: the dreaded creature that is unemployment. I’ve sent out a number emails to various job postings, but I haven’t heard back from any of them, nor do I expect a response either. I’m not really sure what other avenues of recourse I have available, which severely limits my ability to be effective on this job hunt. The parentals have tried here and there, but I’m not really sure if that’ll work out either. Should all else fail, I guess my next goal is to continue taking classes to try and strengthen my repertoire of knowledge under my belt, while I continue the seemingly feeble attempts to get some real world experience in the rehab settings, be it through volunteering or a paid position. 22 going on 23, and the outlook continues to remain pretty damn bleak. I also don’t know what to do with myself because of the fact that my summer is here… in May.. or on the 1st day of May. Too early.

I wish I could say that, in my extended period of absence, I’ve been up to some long and interesting projects of self-improvement or other types that benefit others or have a long last impression sometime somewhere. I think, even in the past 7 days that I’ve been free from the boredom of monotonous routine of school, I’ve usually been waking up in the PMs and wasting away the day. Consistency and dedication to something seems so much harder to accomplish when you have absolutely zero obligations to do anything; there’s nothing on my plate and it feels as if I’m suffocating under the nonexistent pressure. The most noteworthy thing I’ve done in through the past few days is zoom my way through almost 3 season of Doctor Who (2005). I mean, yeah, it’s entertaining and fun mind-numbing television, but it doesn’t do anything for me in the grand scheme of things.

The most interesting thing of note in the past few weeks is that I recently got to go shooting at a friend’s benefit concert. It was my first time shooting any such live performance, and was pretty sure that my gear would be insufficient to tackle the limitations of lighting and space and movement that’s usually involved with a show. It was a pretty small venue, and there was essentially zero ability for photographers to move around to try and get various shots during the show. And given the nature of a show (where the photographer doesn’t get to take the time to frame and compose the shot and tweak the settings at his leisure), there were a lot of things I wish I could’ve fixed, in hindsight, about many of my shots. And as I mentioned, it doesn’t help that my 30D is running an image processor that is 3 generations old (newer image processors have a better ability to handle low light settings) and that I wasn’t able to get the zooms that I wanted because of being limited by my 17-50 f/2.8 lens. But then I got to start shooting during the dress rehearsal, so I got most of my shots from there. T’was a fun experience, and it again reminded me how out of touch I am with my photography and my equipment. Not sure if I’d want to do this again because of all my issues and the fact that I culled my shots down to 50 out of 700+ and still spent a decent chunk of time in editing to make me happy. And of course, the not so shameless linking to my smugmug album of “Broadway Beginnings“, put on by 4artsedu.


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