I’ve been pretty fortunate in one area related to adulthood thus far. That, or I’ve picked my battles pretty well. Of the four jobs throughout my life that I’ve gone on to have an interview set up, I’ve managed to bag 3 of 4 of these jobs, where the singular rejection was after a 2nd round of interviews, with one of the reasons for my rejection being that I used a Kobe Bryant/basketball example in my interview. Oops (In hindsight, yeah, I could’ve/should’ve used a better example, but what’s done is done eh).

I always like to recount my experience with my first interview because of how strange a story it is. It was my senior year of high school, and my friend and I were out job hunting. It was about early December, so there were a bunch of seasonal positions available, so we set ourselves to scouring the mall in search of “Help Wanted” signs and various applications to pick up. At one point during our search, We walked into a specialty gift store after noticing their sign on the store front. We inquired within and were handed application forms to fill out. We figured that it was a simple enough form that we could fill it out on the spot and return it to them right then and there. So we did, and right after that, they said they’d like to do a quick interview with us, on the spot, where we’d have to pretend to be a store associate and try and make a sale on the interviewer acting as a customer. Totally weird and random, since we had no idea what was going on or the extent to which the store sells gift items. So we winged it by glancing around to see what was on the shelves, and after that, we were told that they’d like to hire us. Once again in hindsight, I’m not sure why I went around on this job hunt at this particular time, seeing as how everything was a seasonal position, and I was headed off to Germany later on that month. So I had to decline, and my friend hopped on, and returned as a seasonal for the next couple of years.

Back to the present. I ended finals up at pcc on May 1st, so it’s been a month and a half since I’ve been on “Summer Break.” “Summer Break” in quotations because I’m not exactly sure if I need any additional classes, meaning that I may be done with the drudgery of school, at least for now. And even while I was taking classes this past Spring semester, I’ve been intermittently sending out emails of job applications to various listings in hopes of hearing back from somebody… anybody. Yeah, that never happened. So my dad lets me know that a position opened up in one of the facilities his friend oversees, and so I get my name started in this whole process. This was the 8th of May, so essentially a week after school’s been out, time which was spent essentially bumming around, staying up late and night and waking up late into the day (some habits from HS just never change). Had a phone interview the next day, and an on site interview about a week after, where I believed I was absolutely solid in. A week and a half after that, I get the call saying that they’d like to offer me the position, and then comes about two weeks of back and forth getting documents/forms/information squared away. My start date is next week, with orientation at Corporate at Monday (the 17th) and orientation/start date at the facility on Wednesday (the 19th). So even though this has been about a 6 week process, I’ve been pretty stoked about it, especially after hearing that I’d got the job, because this was my first time having someone get back to me, and this first one was the one I nailed. (I’m also doubly stoked because Aide positions in Rehab are essentially dying out, so to be able to get a paid job in a rehab setting with my experience (or lack thereof, in terms of schooling/licensing) is really fantastic). And the past few weeks haven’t been a waste either. I was able to work part time (3days/wk) at one of my mom’s workplaces helping out with some computer/form/chart related items at an Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) center, and volunteer (2days/wk) at a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). Getting more exposure to various settings is always beneficial, and in the past few weeks, I’d spoken more Chinese than I had in the past 6 months combined. There’s almost a nice reward/joy that you get out of translating and just being able to talk to Chinese folks, especially since they love to soak up the conversation time because other times, there’s no one there to speak the language. It was bittersweet, finally closing the deal on this new job coming up because I had fallen into a routine and gotten to know the staff and participants/residents at both ADHC and SNF locations. But it was also necessary b/c the ADHC help only wanted me for the summer, so it was merely a short-term solution to my long-term problem.

The facility is a 155-bed location, which I’m told is a sizable volume of residents on site, something that I hope should keep me busy and continue to expose me to a variety of people and circumstances. Unfortunately, it’s not officially a full-time position, even though they were looking for someone to be there 5 days a wk for ~6 (or more?) hrs a day. That was what I was last told, earlier in this entire process, and I still don’t quite have a set schedule of hours yet. I’m not too worried, because anything is better than nothing, and at the very least, they’re committed to having me on for a year or so (assuming I don’t crash and burn), and if it’s fewer hours than expected, I can fall back to volunteering and the like. One of the better parts of this job, as it was sold to me, is that because I’ll be helping out/working closely with the Director of Rehab, that experience should help me down the road if I ever choose to seek that job. So as I get the ball rolling on this, it should help solidify the “experience” part of my resume/application, and help me to get everything squared away so I can apply in this upcoming application cycle. Some may say that I’ve wasted two years of my life (graduated in 2012, expecting to get into a program 2014), and to some extent, I would be inclined to agree, but on the other hand, some people just go their own pace. Yeah, I didn’t take a year or two off for myself to travel the world or experience new things and “find myself” or whatever, but I have been working towards my goal, even if it is sorta in a piecemeal fashion. And while I’m not entirely happy with some of my choices that past few years, I’m at where I’m at now, so it should be a fun ride moving forward.

I guess this marks one of the larger happenings that I’ve had since graduation last year (Almost to the day exactly one year ago; the newly minted Bruin (and other fellow UC graduates) c/o 2013 just walked today). It also helps put some form of stability into my life for the new 12 months, ish, something that’s been sorely lacking in my life.


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