3 Things

Sashimi > Sushi. I mean, I used to love sushi and rolls and all that deliciously wrapped goodness, but as the fambam’s been off to this particular Japanese restaurant over and over again, I’ve come to love and appreciate the pureness of that raw fish flavor. Yum.

Long open stretches of highway road are the best. Cruising down the pavement at an uninterrupted and relaxing 80 mph speed with the music blaring around me; if I’m driving alone, this is the best way to do it.

(Smart)Phones. If you’re by yourself, its a great way to kill time. If you’re hanging out with other company, please put the damned thing away. You can text/fb/game/w/e on your own time, especially if someone’s there giving you face to face time. FFS

And at the very least, taking action is much better than standing on the sidelines and wondering “what if” due to insecure inaction. T’was an Iron Price well paid.


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