Week 1

So I’ve been at my new gig for a full week now, arriving every day at 7.30am and leaving at 12pm (sometimes 12.30pm if it’s a really exciting day /s). I kept trying to subtly hint to the boss man that I’d like more hours, that my schedule is pretty damn flexible, just let me know when you need me to work, and he keeps dismissing me by lunch. Alright then.

I signed on knowing it’d be a per diem position, but I was still thinking it’d be like maybe 9-2 or something. Because I don’t think I’ve ever woken up to do something on a daily basis for something this early in the past couple of years (high school doesn’t really count, because everyone knows how drastic a change it is from waking at 6/7am and being on campus until 3/4/5pm in HS to going to college and having to wake at 8/9/10am for a one hour lecture. Haha. Some of the other therapists have made mention about this too (both regarding my early start and short hours), but I just gotta roll with the punches.

My official title is a Rehab Administrative Assistant, and I basically do whatever the Director of Rehab needs me to do. There’s basic filing and tidying of the rehab gym, and dealing with supplies and phone calls/emails/correspondence between the Rehab dept and whatever outside entity we’re working with. The hope for me, supposedly, is that I can become proficient enough to help sit it on some of the meetings that he has, because some of these take quite a bit of time, and the time block takes away from his being able to treat patients. I can expect my Wednesdays to run til 12.30pm or later, pretty much on a weekly basis. But that’s cool.

So yeah. There’s nothing too exciting going on here, but the people are chill, and residents/patients are of all sorts of characters, and I guess this is me for the next couple of months.


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