Month 1

Conveniently following up on the last post titled Week 1, here’s the next entry in the series. Although, I also secretly hope that this doesn’t necessarily evolve into a series of me rambling about work. Nonetheless, here we are, because I’ve finally stopped being lazy and/or enough things have happened to warrant a post.

Things have certainly picked up since the beginning. I’m still not sure whether I should be blaming the company and the whole hiring/orientation process for not knowing what to do with me, or just to accept that slowness and idle moments are a part of the working environment (if I exclude the experience from my previous student job, this may make sense). It was also a combination of the fact that my contact who hired me (technically my boss’s boss) was on vacation and didn’t get back until I’ve been there for 2 weeks. But meh. The guy I was following/replacing was tasked with more low key drudge work, so for everyone not in the know at work, they just assumed I’d be doing the same. And since I didn’t really know any better, I just followed along. But finally, I was told they wanted me to do a bit more high level engagement within the setting, so I’ve been slowly been brought up to speed on how to deal with these tasks and free my boss up to do other things. As I mentioned before, this includes weekly lengthy 4-5 hr meetings and daily 30 min meetings. As in attending these meetings, I get to rub elbows with the higher ups at the place. Then there’s also times where I’m running around bumping into lower level drones such as myself. Too many names and introductions at once mean I’m still working on getting everyone down. =X

The boss man took two days off to go on a little vacation. Boss man works 5 days a week here and then also has addt’l hours at other locations and whatnot, so I guess it’s good for him to get away. Except, he usually does scheduling, and I haven’t had a chance to really learn how to do that, and apparently most therapists don’t know how the entire shindig works either. Scheduling not only entails settings the work hours for the therapists, but also the treatment minutes for individual patients as necessary not only for their rehabilitation needs, but also so that the billing minutes work out (because documentation and meeting threshold levels is how we get paid). Ultimately, I believe this shouldn’t be too difficult a task, but because it was my first time doing this on my own, essentially going thru a trial by fire, today was quite a lengthy event. You could even say it was tetris-like, in that you had to fit certain people here but they couldn’t, so you had to juggle things around. Fun, but not fun? I may or may not have overloaded a therapist’s workload today as a result of my newbness. Oops.

Another thing that I may or may not be developing is a better ability to enunciate. Boss man seems to do that quite a bit, and I think I’ve started to pick that off him, especially in talking to him and working with him. Added plus? We’ll see.

Amidst the busy-ness today, someone mocked call me “acting DOR.” It was silly banter, but also kind a cool feeling, having people ask you about this and that and my being able to dictate how things went. Power trip! Just kidding. Although, it would be cool to be able to have my professional title read DPT/DOR one day. One day. But until then, and I think a more realistic path for me would be to get licensed as an PTA and then become a traveler going around the US to facilities I’d get set up in. We have quite a bit of those, and it seems like they’ve had a blast living in different locations, at least for a while. But as a result, sometimes it can lead to a high turnover rate; I’ve already been out to a couple of farewell lunches with people and subsequently have had new people come in to take their place. Fun times.


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