Sometimes, you take something simple for granted, and you don’t really notice how much you’ve overlooked it until another person points it out to you.

This isn’t exactly a “3 month” update type of entry, but it just happens to coincide with my having been on the job for 90+ days now. Unfortunately, we’ve had another person depart (unwilling, as is the life of a traveler therapist), which meant that we had another farewell lunch on the docket (I believe this is the 4th therapist to leave our little group in the short amount of time, which as I’ve mentioned before, is a pretty damn high turnover rate).

So the therapist had been talking about this one AYCE sushi place for weeks on end now, saying that whenever his contract would be terminated, he would want sushi. Unfortunately, it’s a bit pricier than other joints ($25 for lunch//they don’t do AYCE dinner), but I also think he may or may not have been doing that to price out some folks that he didn’t want there. But I think it was pretty damn worth it, seeing as how my favorite Japanese joint focuses on sashimi and the pure simple flavor of raw seafood, whereas this place did more of the fancy crazy rolls which can be a hit or miss, depending on the location. I mean, they had smoked salmon sushi and smoked salmon on their rolls. Oh yum.

As with any Japanese (Asian?) eatery, they offered chopsticks and napkins on the table for you to use. So when the food arrived, I just up and upped my chopsticks and got away to eating. It was pretty funny thought, as bossman comments that he was marveling at my dexterity with the utensils. I mean, for Asians having used chopsticks on essentially a daily basis, this comes automatically to us, almost like how we don’t think about how to operate a car, we just get in a drive. But to bossman, who’s not Asian, somehow my usage of chopstick was something that momentarily gave him pause and was comment worthy (which I guess is also a result of my being the only Chinese person there?).

Something so simple. Something we use all the time. Almost never given a second thought.

Funny how life works.


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