Football. What else would compel me to update right?

UCLA-Cal game. My first game of the Mora era, and my first game since Texas drubbed us back in 2011. (I was gonna attempt to link up some old xanga entries, but it looks like that’s all gone now. You have to pay to be a member of xanga 2.0? Eff that. // I’m working on getting an archive up and running on another wordpress site. The irony.)

My list of attended games goes as follows (based on my photo records):

(W) Sept 1 2008: Tennessee
(W) Oct 4 2008: Washington St.
(W) Oct 18 2008: Stanford
(L) Nov 8 2008: Oregon St.
(L) Dec 6 2008: USC
(W) Sept 19 2009: Kansas State
(L) Oct 17 2009: Cal
(L) Oct 30 2010: Arizona
(L) Dec 4 2010: USC
(L) Sept 17 2011: Texas
(W) Oct 12 2013: Cal

I feel like there’s some missing (did I really only go to 4 games total during my soph/junior years!?) from this list, but senior year definitely looks right b/c I didn’t ever bother buying a season pass d/t how terrible we were (Neuheisel got fired after the 50-0 USC game, and that year UCLA set the dubious record of being the only NCAA team to finish 6-8. Oi), and I’m almost confident something’s missing b/c this list means I’ve never watched us play Washington, Oregon, or ASU. Say what!? (Utah/Colorado don’t count b/c they joined in 2011 to form the PAC12, at a time when I dgaf-ed about our team).

(Also missing on this list: an away game)

Anywho. Got to the Rose Bowl at 4something for a 7.30pm kickoff. $25 parking (wasn’t it like $15 back in 08?). Got a decent parking spot, and Kenny and I wandered over to the booths and whatnot. Saw the team walk in at 5pm, which is cool, b/c I’ve never done that before. Had a lil tailgate w/ Kenny’s friends until kickoff. Sat in general admission, which are the cheapo endzone seats, but that was all cool b/c we were able to go all the way down, just a few rows away from the field (future reference: the view is better from above). We were part of the largest crowd for a non-USC home game dating back to 2005 or something, which was cool (And that was definitely the most packed I’ve seen the Rose Bowl in a while). We won 37-10, got bumped into the top 10 across most major polls, which honestly is fool’s gold with the way we’ve been playing. But unfortunately, most people only see the top 10 ranking and the undefeated record (5-0) and thing, omg we’re amazeballs. Fact of the matter is, we haven’t played any body worthwhile, played half a good game to beat Nebraska (after spotting them a 3 score lead), and required a 6 INT effort to beat Utah by one TD. This game, we were stopped three times while knocking on the door of our own endzone, and while that’s definitely a credit to Cal, it also speaks of our inability to punch it in (Score could’ve been 49-10). Don’t get me wrong. I love my team, I love the fact that Coach Mora has turned us around from our previous days of anemic passion-bucket moral victory type of football, but anyone who follows this program knows that we could and should be playing better if we truly want to break into the upper echelon of the CFB landscape and go toe to toe with the juggernauts like Stanford and Oregon (who we coincidentally have away matchups at in the following 2 weeks. We’ll learn a lot about our team then).

All in all, definitely had a good time with the group I was with cheering along our undefeated Bruins as they pounded the hapless Cal Bears (1-5) whose only victory is against an FCS team (think JV level vs Varsity, I guess would be one analogy). I think we got out at a lil past 11pm (so that’s.. just about 7 hours spent at the game? I forget how long of an event these things are)

Video of the action from our POV:

Then Sunday, we played some pre-Turkey Bowl football w/ the churchies. 7on7s. I started out pretty damn hot, catching a corner right shoulder TD on the first series and then getting a pick 6 via a series of pretty sweet spins and jukes on the following defensive series to score the first 2 TDs of the game. My statline for the game was 1 rec TD and 2 INTs (1 for TD). Non-stat sheet items include a blown coverage play where I was playing Safety and was able to get to the WR and as he was bobbling the catch to pull it in near the goal line, I knocked it out of his hands for an incompletion. The other was a play where I was playing line and our QB threw an INT, and I raced back and made a TD saving tackle (flag pull?) at like the 5 yd line. And the last item of note is, on my 2nd INT, it was a jump ball, no one got it, ball was coming down, a receiver gets his hands on it and has it bouncing on his fingertips, and it bounces over to me as I snatch it and take off the other direction. I think both my INTs were as LB. My team won handily, something to the tune of 31-18, and that last TD by the opponent was the last play of the game where our rusher blitzed, and no one in coverage knew, and the QB was able to run off scott free into the endzone. -.-


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