Ewe are not sheeple

“A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.” -Agent K (Men in Black, 1997)

I don’t really see any way of arguing out of that statement, as humans in the collective give rise to the idea of sheeple, mob mentality, bystander effect, and other phrases with negative connotations all regarding persons in the plural. You can’t trust a collective to make rational decisions and take positive actions. Only through the power of an individual can a group achieve a greater purpose. Even though the world is a big and scary place, the individual will of a person can have a great effect on the circumstances around us.

So great. For the sake of generalizing, the collective is bad and the individual is good. Why is this platitude offered? Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of oneself and the goals and desires someone has and how that aligns itself with the bigger picture that is part of the world’s canvas. When a person finds themselves in the doldrums, they may adopt the train of thought that their single entity within the mass of existence offers no additional benefit to society. While most people would generally hold the opposite/aforementioned paradigm to be true, the general state of depression has cast a dark cloud of blinders veiling their perception of the world around them. A group would simply neglect this fallen individual and continue about their various tasks of mundane living. A person (or multiple persons, also known as friends) would step in and help restore the troubled soul to a happier state of mind and return them to the realm of the living.

I sometimes forget about the power an individual has. And what I mean by that is that I sometimes forget about the power that I myself am capable of harnessing. This isn’t within the previous example of depression where it comes up, but rather just in a general sense where someone goes about their day to day activities with a set repetitive task of patterns to be completed, only to rinse and repeat said items the following day. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve lost myself within the working cogs of society, as I move beyond my 4th month of drone work that I’ve been doing. It’s not exactly a happy feeling, nor is it one that provides me with a sense of fulfillment in fulfilling my duties.

All this boils down to my needing to stop wasting away my potential as an individual really. I; you; we can’t allow ourselves to be absorbed into going through the motions every day, only to turned into a mindless soul trudging about the rest of our lives. Each and every person had dreams and aspirations, goals and desires, activities and interests that need to be acted upon and not left to grow stale and old and stagnant.

This is a truth I needed retelling. This is a truth others need to be (re)told.


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