I may or may not elaborate on a future date.

  • The fall/winter season is great because girls everywhere start busting out the coat/jeans/boot combination. I know it’s a pretty cookie-cutter style of dressing, but, damn.
  • I haven’t been committed to anything in a pretty long while. I may or may not have hit the nail on the head before, but I was just re-reminded of my lack of participation in… anything really.
  • I’ve also been apathetic about whatever for the longest of time (do I don’t care about lots of things or care about nothing? I don’t feel like trying to unravel the difference). I guess it sorta ties into not being committed to anything b/c I dgaf.
  • Been learning to dgaf about the ones who used to matter, but don’t anymore. It’s a tough slow lesson to absorb.

I need to blog more.


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