Fun Times, Scary Times.

Lake Arrowhead’s a pretty nice place. At about 90 minutes away from home, it’s not too far of a distance to travel in one sitting, yet far enough to help you get away for a bit. Going up Friday night, we knew that there was gonna be a good amount of precipitation on Saturday, but the thought of low drifting clouds and intense fog hadn’t even crossed my mind. I’d thought that my extensive mountain driving experience ranging from the regular normal weather trips up to heavy torrential downpour turned snow would cover all my bases. But when you drive into the clouds and the fog thickens up to quickly reduce visibility from open and clear to barely even 5 ft… Wow. I gotta say that was quite an experience. Thankfully we got up safe and sound, and weren’t too delayed getting up. It’s so crazy that with all the fog, we didn’t even know that we had arrived, nor could we see the signs of our destination; it was almost 99% going off just GPS. Madness.

I woke up to a cold Saturday with just about 4 hrs of sleep. We got to watch the beginning of snowfall from 7am ish, and the snow would continue its unrelenting assault on us all the way until nighttime.

IMG_20131207_114428My car by noon. 

IMG_20131207_095801The field in front of the lobby.

IMG_20131207_124535Our winter wonderland.

A fun little side story is our failed dinner plans, where we had brought a portable gas stove, but the gas cannister we had was empty. Luckily, with some ingenuity, we were able to use our fireplace to heat the food and enjoy warm clam chowder and chili (for separate meals. not combined as one).

Despite being snowed in for all day Saturday, I believe we still managed to have a pretty good time both in and out of the cabin. The grounds were essentially deserted on the account of the inclement weather and various conferences in session.

IMG_20131208_103458Is that the water trail of melted snow? Or black ice!?

I woke up Sunday morning and went down to check on my car. We were gonna be leaving in a few hours, and I was worried about the snow/slush situation and how much traction our cars would have. Apparently I was worrying about the wrong thing. Those black streaks that I thought was water… At 8am and 20 degree weather… That’s a slippery piece of ice you’re about to walk on. And I nearly slipped on these various parts like 10 times walking to my car. Luckily for us, that all melted by after breakfast, and even though we were located in areas that required snow chains (if you’re headed up), we had no problem slowly and safely navigating ourselves back down the mountain.

We topped off our weekend adventure by visiting a tree farm before heading home. I’ve never been to one, so that was pretty cool. 11k trees on the lot, I was told? 2-4k sold per season? and about 4or5 years to grow a 6 ft tree? Within the grove of trees, we had a wide swath of land to run around and attempt to velociraptor our fellow tree pickers. And randomly participate in our own little log tossing contest. All that play and energy spent was rewarded with a hot steaming delicious bowl of pho. No better food for cold weather. Srs.


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