An unkindess of Ravens

Don’t ask, because I’m not quite sure either, but I started (re)watching OTH, staring from the pilot in season 1. Circa 2003, which was 8th grade.  I know this show sorta tanks after season 1 or 2 as it gets away from the basketball and focuses more on the high school drama (tanks, at least, from a guy’s perspective), but I think a lot of us back then couldn’t help but see the HS issues and hope/wish to see some of the things happen to us, especially as we were rising to HS.

(Sidenote, I finally attempted to start my 3 free months of netflix, but then they also included a free 1 month trial, so I have that going for me, which is nice. This autoplay of the next episode is a terrible (great) thing.)

I’m totally digging the high school angst going on with this show (I guess some things don’t change too much in a decade). And I’m also not sure how much the show is trying to be cool with the literary intros/outros but, it’s something to enjoy. But it’s a fun way to live vicariously through them all, in their high school setting, small east coast town life, simpler things to deal with. Yet, 10 years ago, with their high school lives, they’re lost, wandering, looking for something in life that’s bigger than themselves. They want a sense of direction, which is something we all want. 10 years ago, it was relevant and a worry. Now, it’s still something that I can connect with, and it’s boat I, and many others, are still struggling with. Some people are luckier than others, in the sense that they’re able to find a sense of direction somewhere along the way of life, taking an early exit with somewhere to go. The rest of us, we just keep chugging along the highway of life, wondering when, if ever, our exit will show up.

Some of my friends are the lucky ones who took an earlier exit. They got the ball rolling for ’em, and I’m really happy for them. The rest of us, it’s not just enough to keep on going though. And I mean that in the sense that we keep on jugging along aimlessly. But that isn’t enough. Sometimes we have to make it work for ourselves. It’s partially a complaint about life, and also a reminder for myself. It’s not enough to subsist on life. You have it make it work. For you.

Gonna go back to watching OTH. nd put off making it work for me. Do as I say, not as I do. Or something to that effect.


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