Christmas Bowl 2013


Had a sack preventing a 2 pt conversion (The pass ended up as a completion, so whew. And the final score was a tie game, so stopping that conversion was huge).

Was rushing the QB and came down on the ball as he was releasing. Ball pops up and my dline man picks it for 6. Although I guess the follow through of my arm ends up injuring the QBs arm… Other than the injury, t’was a great play on defense.

Got moved off the line and into coverage for a few plays. I jumped a route and then ran outta real estate. Could’ve/should’ve been a pick 6. Had no one in front of me. Dang it. (team had 2 defensive TDs; we could’ve used that one).

Ran down a receiver from the opposite sideline and saved a TD (guy that was on him just got beat bad). We eventually had a goalline stand and the game ended there on a tie.

And bowled over the sister while rushing. Whiplash. She was done for the day. Two injuries caused by me on the day. Siigh.

18-18 tie.


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