Say what?

Have you ever been studying at a cafe or eatery, and just realized that your surroundings were just a tad too noisy for you to be productive? Your solution to this problem is to put on earplugs, essentially creating an impermeable stopper preventing all sounds from reaching your auditory cortex. Problem solved, and you are one happy camper.

Or, maybe you’ve been to the beach recently, what with this “heat wave’ in December. (Comparatively speaking, 70 degree weather is a helluva lot better than the below 0 temperatures plaguing the rest of the US right now. But I digress.) You were soaking up rays at the beach, and possibly went for a dip in the great Pacific Ocean. You got a little bold and decided to wade in, deeper and deeper, to play a little bit with the waves. And as you were enjoying yourself, you forgot to pay attention to the subsequent waves, and one took you by surprise and sent you tumbling along the ocean floor, with the water pressure sending you every which way. You finally get up, and there’s some water in your ear that you just can’t get out. It annoys you, but after a few minutes of moving about, you’re as good as new.

So inexplicably, my left ear suddenly got clogged up last night. I know the problem is an excessive buildup of ear wax, and I tried to enlist the mother to help remove some of the gunk (a task which she was able to successfully complete the previous time I had this problem, and in doing so it reopened my ear to the world (same ear, unfortunately). This time around, no dice. The mother couldn’t help unclog the ear. So. I’ve been running around with one functional ear. And with the two aforementioned scenarios, imagine that, but having an ear plug stuck in your ear for the longest of time. And with the plug there, imagine the pressure buildup, as if you’ve been tossed around, but just can’t shake off the disoriented feeling. All this in addition to having trouble hearing what people are saying to me. Bah.

I’ve tried getting some of the ear wax removal solution that you drop in and let simmer for a couple minutes. No dice. Instructions say twice a day up to four days. Anything beyond that, go see a doc. Bah. I don’t want to have to wait four days to see if this works. I don’t want to go see a doc. I just want to be able to hear out of my left ear again. Sucha PITA.

[edit] Took a shower and managed to get the other ear clogged (hopefully, just for the moment). It’s really amazing what sensations you feel when you have an altered state of hearing. The water hitting your head, you fingers along a single strand of hair, your footsteps in the hallway… All become amplified through sensing but mitigated through hearing. Weird.


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