Ah, bother.

So, to start off this post, I don’t quite think this’ll be a coherent entry, as I may or may not have had one too many drinks (and not just drinks @ 5.,0% abv but IPAs at like 6/7/8%abv) this night, and may or may not be feeding off the negative vibe that I’ve been getting off shiznitz. But you know, whatever.

Personally, the idea of closure is of great importance to me, and possibly to many others. The idea of closure is a great finality to an issue that gives a wrapping up of, or a closed bracket to, a situation or something that otherwise would have an open ended mess that would constantly leave a person with a troubling sense of incompletion. And I believe that, while closure can greatly help to bring a sense of peace to a person, the idea (or rather, ideal) of closure is oft an ill advised falsified fictional story piece that doesn’t quite come to life. And as a result of that, people too often try and cling to a sense of closure before finally admitting that it’s time to move on and accept that the previous chapter in their life is finally done for good. But, because life isn’t necessarily defined by concrete black and whites, but rather is full of indiscriminate greys, clsoorue is foten a rare piece of treasure to be grasped by certain parties.

What that means is, most people in their life won’t be able to get a sense of closure, not just because of how things just seemed to unfold, but because one side of the party (because it takes two to tango) is just too immature to approach the neutral bargaining table with a mature sense of mind to deal with the conflict at hand. So what does that mean? That means that the less mature side will often shirk and avoid the inevitable until the inevitable is merely forgotten, allowing said immature party to move on without repercussions to their dastardly deed and proceed with life as if all is normal. They can move on to their next conquest, assuring their friends that the past is behind them, when all they’ve done is merely sweep the past issue under the rug and fail to properly give the issue a final concentration of their efforts.

I s’ppose that’s my fault for willingly allowing myself to play with fire not once, twice, but three times to get burned and not learn my lesson from. And unfortunately, the other party has been allowed to continue about their devilish ways to other unsuspecting individuals to continue to wreck havoc upon them, not knowing the consequences of what may lie before them in their future. Ahh, scheisse, but I guess that’s not longer my concern, eh?

Time to sleep, b/c I couldn’t drive home, nor could I barely stay awake at the moment. Not sure how this entry was typed. Wowzers.


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