Where I’m at. Where I’m going.

A quick note about abrrevs for this post:

  • DOR: my immediate boss, onsite at the facility
  • RM: supervises the DOR (and other facilities)
  • srRM: senior RM, RM reports to him

I know I’ve gone a whiles in between updates, aaaaaand, I don’t have any reasons. Anyway. Our RM came in today to do a checkup and touch bases with us (the DOR and myself) about rumblings going on outside of our facility from above. We’re under scrutiny because our numbers are significantly lower than other facilities similar to ours, and we may be inching towards a dangerous area in terms of our contract standing with the facility. That’s never good news. Not to mention how we’re currently still under the watchful eye of the gov because it’s been time for our annual audit (survey, as it’s called), and (this is my rough translation) on a A, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, F grade scale, upon their first visit, we were given a rating of C/C-. Their second visit resulted in a rating of F. We’re due for a third visit in the not-too-distant future. Except the latter part of (gov) observation is mainly a result (failure) on nursing, and the former issues (from higher ups) are from a rehab standpoint. Fun stuff.

Our RM also mention that I was due for a performance review. And that, from a range of 0-3% raise, taking into account that the company wasn’t giving out 3% raises atm (cliche line or truth?), he says I should be in line for a 2% raise. Which at my rate and hours, is worth about an extra lunch every paycheck. Whoo. Beats nothing I guess. And he says he’ll backdate it to Aug 1st, so that’s cool too.

I also shared w/ our RM about my school timeline. How that, I’ve currently one school going through the decision process, that if accepted, school starts mid-Sept, and that I’ll find out late-Aug/early-Sept. Which is pretty short notice, so he was justifiably somewhat surprised (sorry bossbossman/RM). Said I’ll let him know asap when I hear from the school to help in allowing the company time to secure a replacement or if I can continue on with decreased hours. Don’t get me wrong; I like the people, but want to move on in my career. Because I’ve been here 13.5 months now.

Lastly, we brought our RM up to speed about upcoming vacations, including mine. After seeing how mine was going to be the longest one of the various folks taking time off, he asked the DOR if they’ll be alright. Of course our DOR presented a calm demeanor telling our RM that the place will be fine, but commented how, in his 20+ years of working, I was in a tier all by myself, and that the only other person as good as me eventually got promoted within the company (to work for corporate). To which the RM agreed and said how good I was was on display at our annual corporate meeting for other aides. It’s always nice to hear compliments about your work. Then, after the RM left, all the other therapists who overheard about my little vacation half jokingly freaked out about what they’re gonna do without my help for a 2 week span. Of which I’m not too worried for them, as what I do for them only serves to make their life easier (such as checking their notes for completion, making sure supplies are stocked, and helping out with other little tasks here and there), but for my DOR, I assist with interdepartmental issues, and that can end up being time consuming and hectic at times. He had to do it before I was here, so I’m sure he’ll hold up okay (I think.)

Tangent back to the corporate meeting for aides that was held a few wks back; I had a chance to meet with the srRM that day, and he half joked (I think it was a half joke) about how he would never okay overlapping vacations for both myself and our DOR (to which he named both of us by name) because of how valuable the both of us are, especially regarding how… interesting our facility is. Basically just saying he needed someone competent available on hand, with his two point people on site being the DOR and myself. Nice to hear, but did I mention my boss is taking a Friday/Monday vacation while I’m gone? Lulz.


  • 8/15-8/18: Fam Vacay
  • 8/18-9/2: HK/Taiwan trip (+school decision while I’m away)
  • 9/15: school starts (hopefully)

It’s gonna be a fun/interesting/scary couple of weeks. Because as the school thing is like “all of my eggs in one basket” dealio, I’ll either get to be moving forward in terms of my career, or I’ll be staying in place for another year. I hope it’s the former, which officially has a 50% chance of happening (30 students picked out of 60 applicant pool), but I’m hoping my strong impressions tilt the decision process in my favor.

Work. School? Career. That’s the updates.


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