Birthday, or something

As of 10:25PM on the 6th day of the 7th month in the year 2014.

FB Posts: 27
– Church: 10
– College: 4/1
– Family: 4
– HS: 8

Texts: 4
– Church: 3
– HS: 1

Out of 500 FB friends. Think last year was ~90 FB posts. Shouldn’t matter, but a part of me still looks at the (lack of) activity. This year, I think the most exciting thing I did today was cleaning up my room. Happy birthday to me. Though I’m not sure if the lack of festivities fosters my apathy or if my apathy yields a lack of festivities. Chicken, meet egg. It would be nice to have someone plan out some shindig for me. But if that hasn’t happened in the last 24 years, I don’t think that’ll happen any time soon eh.

Celebrating in person > 12am phone call > phone call > personalized text > “HB” text > personalized fb > “HB” fb.

Much appreciative of those who dragged me out to hangout. And, it’s been ages since anyone’s used bothered calling. And almost no one bothers doing anything on fb except the generic HB spam.

Though, to be honest, because I’ve gotten used to expecting nothing, a little bit of something seems that much better. (I bought myself a used Aeron chair by Herman Miller, so I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.) Sometimes, it almost feels as if it’d be better if there wasn’t a July 6th.

Delaying this post for 6 weeks just for the hell of it. And so that people see this complaint/terrible attitude sometime down the road. But honestly, I’m prolly at most a little miffed today, but’ll be back to my dgaf self tomorrow. Meh.


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