This post is actually the first entry I’m sitting down to write, but will be slotted to be seen as the last entry among the vacation posts.

June 2013: start working

6/13-5/14: not actively school hunting

May 2014: find school; reach out

July 2014: complete testing/interview

Aug 2014: find out I was accepted (6am TW time)

Sept 2014: term starts (9/15)

June 2016: program end date/graduation

The additional details here include the weird application process, money upfront, <24 heads up for interview, and letting you know of your acceptance 2 wks before school starts. But, seeing as how I procrastinated  and put all my eggs in one basket, I’m very grateful that it all worked out. This whole time, I’ve been telling work that IDK what’ll happen, but I just found out an hour ago that I can probably keep working MWF and do classes TR (It would’ve been really bad if I had to tell him, hey I’m quitting in 5 days. Thanks for the opportunity bee.tee.dubs.). My admissions coordinator even told me I was the program’s #1 choice, so that makes me wonder what would’ve happen if I applied to other programs. Oh well. Eyes on the prize. June 2016. I’ll reevaluate my work schedule when the second term starts early December. (I think I have to take Eng Comp and College Algebra, b/c I never explicitly took those courses at UCLA. So stupid.)


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