Put a space between the 4th and 5th characters. Or don’t.

We were originally going to stay in a hostel in Mong Kok, but due to a bed issue and lack of space, we had to scramble to find another lodging solution. Through a friend’s contact, we found a house in the outskirts of Sha Tin. A quick geography lesson. Hong Kong, the place, is made up of three main parts: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon (directly north of the island), and New Territories (everything b/t Kowloon and the mainland). Sha Tin is located in the New Territories, where there’s been a flurry of development in the last decade as people look for cheaper housing and a calmer pace of living away from the hustle and bustle of the compact space deeper into HK. So I guess that was nice living out there, except, we lived at a house on a church campus that was a 20 minute walk through hill/trees/shrubs/greenery. On my first trek to the house, I got like 4 mosquito bites. I had gotten like 6 bites total my previous trip to HK (10 days). It was also a PITA as I was the only one hauling a 24 kg suitcase that had come straight with me from America, but all the more fun eh?

Once we settled in, one of our travel partners (it’s been the 3 of us on this trip) wanted to head into Tuen Muen to visit some friends/watch a performance. While Sha Tin is in the New Territories, it is along the northern highway connecting back to the main part of HK. Tuen Muen is another city in the New Territories, except its on the outskirts/edge of the western highway. So we’ve been getting a tour of the outer HK areas. While our one friend went to watch her show, me and my other friend wandered around the malls, as there were 4 malls all interconnected somehow, creating just a huge mega space of shopping. It’s too bad we were there at night, as I was told there’s more to Tuen Muen to see, but as I hadn’t been there in almost 2 decades, and my friend who wasn’t watching a show was visiting HK for the first time, we didn’t know where to go/what to do.

This is the only picture I have inside our house (oops). Religious association means they have a towel with a Bible verse. And look, it’s the HK flag! (Yeah, Hong Kong has a flag.)

The view from our house, looking down into Sha Tin.

The name of our place was Ascension House (facebook), located at Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre. The kind house managers were Steffan and Heidi, wonderful people from Denmark. They had only been in HK for a month, and were tasked with getting Ascension House up and running again, as it had been closed to lodgers for a while.


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