Re: 2014

I haven’t blogged in a while, and I also never finished my series about the HKTW2014 trip. I actually never even finished up the HK leg of it, let alone start on the TW part of it. Maybe I’ll backdate some new entries, if I ever get around to it.

But this entry, and the timing of it, is more so to focus on the annual “Year in Review” thing that people do. Because it’s a thing. I guess by not having written an entry since September, it gives me more of a blank canvas to cover regarding the past couple months, and coupled in with the YIR thing, you’d think I’d have pages and pages to write about. And well, actually, nope.

I started 2014 doing the part time gig I had working in a SNF’s Rehab Department as a “Rehabilitation Administrative Assistant,” which could’ve been synonymous with office assistant, which just meant that I was pushing papers. I was also working closely with some other department heads, which is something I can talk up in the future I suppose as my boss’s right hand man, but it was a pretty dull job. The people were good (therapists, other department heads, & residents at the SNF…), but the paperwork… god, that boring never-ending paperwork. We also had some issues at the SNF towards the end of the year, but. Anyway.

I mentioned that I was supposed to be looking at programs to hasten my departure from my part-time position. But in reality, I was half-assing the entire game of life until about May, which was about when I finally woke up and realized that if I didn’t do something, I’d be stuck at my job for another school-application cycle, which wasn’t something I wanted to do. So as a result, similar to how I landed my job, I grasped strings at the last single PTA program in SoCal (out of 3 in LA, 2 in SB, and 2 in SD) that was taking applicants. I went through the inane process, and by some miracle wonderful application/interview, I received a 6am phone call (bc I was in Taiwan at the time) informing me of my acceptance to the class of 30 out of ~300 applicants. The PTA program started in mid September, and the program runs just under 2 years, with an expected graduation date of June 2016. I believe I officially ended my job in early December, but the boss calls whenever they need the help, so I’ve been back twice since (Was doing 3 days of work and 2 days of school from Sept-Dec because of credited classes. And there’s actually a whole story there, but we’ll skip it). And the nice thing is that I got to have another Winter Break, and go back to school Monday. I don’t wanna. But I’m glad, because this still puts me on track to be working in the 2nd half of 2016 as a PTA. First time since HS that I’m actively working towards a tangible goal. (College goal was a diploma, but you can’t exactly do anything with just that piece of paper.)

[Quick backtrack because I got to the end and realized I want to fit this up here. Demographic of my 30 class cohort is 2-1 guys-to-girls ratio, most are in their late 20’s, 3 Asian gals (0 prospects), I’m the 2nd youngest in the class, I’m the only one from the 626 (everyone’s mostly 714 bc its the OC), and we’re kinda pretty clique-y. Kinda sucks, but, well then.]

Stopped going to church. That was another thing. A February thing.

Another thing. I’ve been spending some time reading, as that’s a leisure hobby I’ve always wanted to indulge myself in, and have purposefully made time to do so this past year, ever since she gave me a jump start in Fall of 2012. Goodreads (Why didn’t anyone tell me about this site sooner?), a site where I can track all the titles I’ve read, says I’ve read 28 books last year, many of which were fiction books. That’s one thing to try and balance out this coming year, hopefully with more non-fiction titles. The stats also say I read 8333 pages, and that I only read 1 book published before 1900. I’m currently 68% of the way through The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas), which is 1200+ pages long in its unabridged form. So there’s a huge page chunk that missing from my 2014 stats and’ll hugely boost my 2015 numbers.

Next thing. I’ve had more friends fall to the way side. In an unfortunate continuation of 2013, life happens, and people move on, and people fall out of touch with others, and I just haven’t felt like those whose paths have diverged are worth chasing after to realign our paths together. I’m sure there was a reason for the fork in the woods, and we’ll let the past be the past. I do think/wish I could find new folks who’ve similar interests as myself to hangout with though.

On the other hand, not that this necessarily falls under a New Year’s Resolution, bc I gave up on those after I realized I almost never kept to it, is that I want to be a better friend to those who’re still within my circle of friends. Part of it is as appreciation for their friendship in general, and the other is that I may not necessarily convey that emotion to said friends all too well. We’ll see.

This part is less of YIR content, but whatevs. Participated in No-shave November, trimmed up in December, but I essentially haven’t shaved my mustache or goatee in 2 months now. After the initial awkward stages where it has to grow in (~2-3 wks or so), it kinda looks decent. I think. And less exciting is that fact that I’ve ballooned up to 170 lbs ever since Thanksgiving, where I was hovering closer to 160. Time to fix that as we get back into the swing of things eh?

Still living at home (since summer 2011), still have the Ford Fusion (since Aug 2010), still have 2 dogs (Max the malamute and Jake the Jack Russell Terrier), still single (officially I’m “focusing on school,” but not really).

The Derek at the beginning of 2015 is very much like the Derek that was, 365 days ago. For that, I am sad and sorry. And hope this won’t be so 365 days from now.

2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, & 2008.


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