‘Nother Nexus

Previous phones (that I can recall): Sony Ericsson w810i, Motorola Razr, Sony Ericsson k850i, Blackberry Curve 8900

My Android phone timeline:

(T-mo) G2 (HTC Vision): Dec 2010 – Dec 2012 (BNIB)
LG Nexus 4: Dec 2012 – Jan 2015 (BNIB)
LG Nexus 5: Jan 2015 (used)

Original plan was to upgrade at the 2 year plan (as usual), but nothing along the current line of flagships from major Android OEMs appealed to me. Tried holding out (for I don’t know what), but I noticed my N4 having more and more problems (lag, unresponsive, overheating, sudden loss of battery…) and just decided to go for a minor upgrade this time around.

Picked up a “good” condition 32GB white N5 off swappa for $220 (after browsing craigslist, ebay, and swappa for a few weeks). Has various nicks and dents from a year of usage from its previous owner, but apparently 32GB N5’s are still going for $250-300 atm (currently retail price $400). So to me, even w/ signs of usage, this was a decent purchase point. And then after I clicked the “buy” button, the guy threw in 3 qi chargers (two of which were crap), but that last one was a nexus qi charger (retail $50). So, that’s exciting.

Reasons FOR the N5:
– unlockable bootloader/rootable (without too much hassle or loss of DRM keys)
– lots of custom ROMs bc of the above (and bc it’s a Nexus device)
– <5″ screen size (technically, it’s 4.9″, but w/e)
– qi charging
– magnetic back (makes docking easier)
– (sorta) magnetic camera ring (addt’l lenses ftw! -gimmicky, but fun)
– one of like five phones that can do the T-mo tethering thing

And because the N4 and N5 are so similar (both LG, latter is successor to former, and isn’t N6), I was able to one-click root, clean flash my current custom ROM, and another one-click install all my previous apps (with data, aka pw and settings). So it was pretty easy to get up and running with all my established settings on a different phone.

Got my matte screen protector on it already, and am just waiting for dbrand skins to cover up cosmetic blemishes. I’m still not a fan of phones getting larger and larger, but, eh. Maybe Project Ara or the Sony Xperia Z4 compact can solve these problems. (The z3c just had root exploit discovered for locked bootloaders the other day, but I was already set on the N5, Meh.)

You may also be asking, why didn’t you do this a year ago? Because the N4 was only a year old, the N5 was just an incremental upgrade, and there was still hope Q4 2014 would bring a refresh of the N4/N5. But instead we got a massive N6 that barely made it out the door as a Nexus (was supposed to be a Moto S (Shamu?), and is now being market in China as the Moto X Pro). So to a lot of Nexus folks, there’s no true successor to the N5… yet.


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