So I took care of my LAX<->SFO problem. Prices weren’t going down (in fact, seemed to be creeping up from the ~$120-135 I’d been eyeing them at, so I figured I’d just lock in the tickets now. I used my Citi Thankyou Rewards Points (which I never found a good use for since college anyway) for a total of 15506 points or $155.06. And the main chunk of the flight cost $457.10). So the total RT flight cost is just over $600 (which is still $200 cheaper than the cheapest flight to Ireland).

Flying AA up because I need to accrue some additional FF points to renew my balance for another 1.5 yrs, and flying VX because I’ve heard great things about them and want to try them out.

Still need to find hostel(s), attractions, and get EURs (and GBP? for Northern Ireland?). The EUR to USD exchange rate fell as low as 1.05 earlier this month, but seems to currently be fluctuating between that and 1.10. Come on EURUSD parity!

And I know I’m essentially spending all of May 6th and May 14th traveling, but that’s part of the fun eh? I don’t really mind. Which leaves me w/ exactly 7 days of time in Europe. I kinda thought about hopping over to Scotland (from Dublin, on RyanAir, for ~$50), but I feel that having just 6 days to cover all of Ireland is already rushed as is. (May 7th is a layover/transfer day in Paris, or less than 20 hours on French soil, including nighttime. Lulz.)

LAX/SFO/CDG/DUB/CDG/SFO/LAX. Also excited about flying on an A380 from SFO<->CDG.

P.S. And I’m still accruing bonus points on my everyday CC (Barclaycard Arrival Plus) usage. As of this entry/late March, I currently have $322 in rewards that I can redeem against my $457 flight (one time redemption only, which is why I’m waiting til the last minute). So that’s even less money out of pocket I’m actually spending on my flights.

P.P.S. I just spent the last 2 hours hammering out some luxury items. I think I’m gonna try and access some airport lounges before 4 of my 6 flights (1 has a 1 hr layover, so not worth it, and another… just doesn’t seem possible) for ~$100.


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