That’s the hashtag we’re going with for this trip. Currently typing this on my phone stuck at CDG departure checkin because immigration won’t let me through until the day of my flight. But my flight’s in like 6 hrs anyway. Bah. Whatever.

So. At just past 11pm May 7th Parisian time (never thought I’d say that, or visit Paris in particular), I’ve been out for 31 hours now. (9 hrs from home to LAX to SFO to departing for CDG. 11 hr flight. 11 hrs roaming whimsical Pariii.) Another 7 hrs til departure for DUB, 2 hr flight, then a full day starting from 8am local time. Using 10pm as a general estimate, that’s another 14 hrs out and about, or an additional 23 hrs tacked onto my current 31 hrs of no bed or shower. 54 total hours. That’s traveling. That’s fun. I think.

From the top. Got into LAX at 8am May 6th and checked into the Admirals Club ($20 one day pass on eBay, vs. $50 at door). Had myself a mocha, 2 small glasses of oj, a bagel, and some pretzel snacks as I waited for my 10.25am flight. This was my first airline lounge experience, and it was decent. I wouldn’t necessarily go and pay for admittance (although it was nice to kill time at a table all to myself versus those terrible seats at the gate). Boarded at 10, pulled out of the gate… And pulled back into another gate. A 15min maintenance problem became an hr+ delay, all while we were just stuck there in the aircraft, on the tarmac. My biggest fear is that we’d have to deplane and that I wouldn’t make it up to SF. Because this ticket was bought separately, so there’d be no guarantee for future onward travel.

AA Admirals Club – LAX

But. We eventually got up to SFO at 12.40pm. I had planned to go to Amex’s Centurion Lounge, but by the time I got there w/ the delays and long walks b/t terminals, I only had an hour b/t flights. But I went anyway and paid the $50 admission fee. Came w/ open bar, buffet dining, and wine tasting, in addition to spacious seats, warm decor, and those private restroom/showers. Now that I think about it, I had 3 drinks in like 30 minutes… That Lagunitas, a white wine, and a “Frisco”  cocktail. That made getting to my departure gate pretty fun. In addition to the imbibing, I also helped myself to a couple plates of scrumptious food (it was lunchtime) and had a chance to talk to some lovely folks flying back to Hawai’i.

Complimentary drinks from the Amex Centurion Lounge bar – SFO

Miraculously made it to the gate (okay, so it wasn’t that bad lol) and started talking to this dude who works at Twitch up in the bay area. Then he got on and that was that lol. Air France flight on an A380. Which can seat like 400+ passengers? Giants they are. I chose the smallest subsection of economy class because the fewer ppl there, the less likely there’s a cause for trouble right? Wrong. 3 groups of babies. And they were like dominoes, where one would start and trigger the next and trigger the next. And they’d also see fit to restart a tantrum just as I was about to fall aslp/get acclimated to the peace again. I. Hate. Babies. On flights that is.

My excitement for flying this new aircraft (to me) was tempered pretty quickly (in addition to the baby symphony). My window seat had a little more room b/t me and the window, but that just made it awkward to try and lean on to sleep because it was too far back. And I’m guessing this is a European carrier thing, because I remember being let down after my HS German teacher talked up Lufthansa, Nd we were all like, it’s just meh. And Air France wasn’t anything fantastic either. My first meal’s entree was some salmon/mashed potato mixed that tasted like mashed potato. The second meal (bfast) entree was a half slice of a 2″ bread and ham thing? Bread half state and ham warmed up and now cold. In between meals, I pressed the call attendant button, and it made a loud obnoxious ding sound, so I thought I’d get help quickly. 20 mins. That’s how long it took for me to get a cup of water. And it wasn’t even the attendant for my area. Some customer service eh.

AF 83 (Airbus A380) – SFO

And then landing at CDG. We were scheduled to land at around 10.40am. So I thought I could book a free city tour at 1pm w/ plenty of time to spare. I can’t believe how wrong I was. Landed closer to 11, on the farthest runway out CDG had (I guess to hold weight and allow clearance for the A380?). Taxi for about 30 min to the OTHER side of the airport to the gate. And then I realize the gate is the farthest thing from immigration, so I’m hauling ass for this long ass walk, only to see that we’ve got a train to take us to immigration and baggage claim. This is another 30 min of legwork. I get my one day travel pass, and the guy advises bus b/c trains were having some problems? So I do that. Which is another 30 min waiting and an hr’s drive in. You still with me? All this additional wasted time means I got into the city at 1.30pm. Tour had left. Gg.

Everything’s going swimmingly thus far.



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Photo gallery (Smugmug).


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