Paris deux

Currently on a train from the east coast to West coast of Ireland (Dublin to Galway). Free WiFi + time to kill = updates.

Because it was 30min each way to Versailles, and I spent like 30+ min there, that meant a total of 1.5hrs+ out of my limited time gone. Worth it.

From there, I frantically tried to hit up all the other major tourist landmarks as I could. I originally thought I’d be pressed for time/daylight, but my feet gave out first. Oh well.

And this Paris Visite pass, aka unlimited metro use for a day, was mighty useful.

Eiffel Tower (yes I took a selfie, no it wasn’t on a Mac, hah!), Arc de triomphe, Grand/petit, Pont Alexandre III, the Louvre, Pont des Arts (love lock bridge), & the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Obligatory Eiffel selfie.

The Louvre pyramid

I’ll have to come back and check spelling etc at a later date.

I think my fitness band said this was close to 18.5km of walking? Or like 11.5 miles? Fun day.

And as I already mentioned, I bummed it overnight at CDG. Because immigration wouldn’t let me in early overnight. Boo.

A couple things I noticed about Paris in my short time there. I love the cafe scene. Or almost any eatery w/ sidewalk seating. People are just chilling and sitting w/ a drink in hand, probably people watching, as I got to enjoy for an hour myself. And. There’s just so much grandiose history surrounding/in the midst of life in Paris. Beyond simply the old buildings that haven’t been torn down since whenever, you also have the history of everything.. right.. there! People driving through the Arc de Triumph like it’s any other thing. People walking their dogs or having a picnic in the park next to the Eiffel Tower. People going for an evening run along the Seine river, or just enjoying a shared drink there too . You’re just walking, breathing, and living in all the history that was and is Paris. Too awesome. (really upset my legs couldn’t take me to see the Bastille though)

People relaxing along the River Seine

Guess I gotta go back to Paris. Because I didn’t get to see everything, or really do anything. And it also has that “city of love” vibe going on.. Maybe next time it won’t be a solo adventure?

P.s. I gotta/wanna re-watch “Midnight in Paris.”



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Photo gallery (Smugmug).


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