Paris un

So built into this little trip of mine was about the half day layover/transfer flight in Paris. As I mentioned, I got to the city at around 1.30pm.  I spent way too much time getting lost trying to look for the central tourism center, going in circles and navigating poorly. I was also hungry and thirsty, and after my half day, I’m still not sure what a 7-11 or supermarket equivalent is. I’d forgotten how some streets in Europe can roll right along into another street and have more than 4 roads coming together in the intersection. And I’m not sure how many hours of sleep I was running on too.

Finally said Eff it and grabbed lunch at some random place. Guy spoke English, so I wasn’t limited to pointing and grunting. Had a starter and entree for €19 and a €5 coke to top it off. Yeah, this kills the budget. But it gave me an hour with a place to sit and plan out my day (should I have done this beforehand? Yes. My bad.)

Debated about heading out to Versailles, because my friend said it was 30min out from Paris, but I really wanted to go, sooo… That was my first stop. After food.

And Oh. My. God. This place is huge. Is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. They were even offering a 2 day pass for the place, because that’s how magnificent of a place the Kings of France lived pre-revolution. I barely got to scratch the surface of this place before I had to head out. Didn’t get to go inside. Didn’t get to walk the enormous length of the jardins. Didn’t get to check out the estate of Marie-antoniette. Happy to say I was able to set foot on Château Versailles. Terribly upset I didn’t have more time to explore.

Walking up to the golden gates of Chateau Versailles.

A glimpse into the expansive gardens of Chateau Versailles.

And I’m gonna post this and continue updating when I have time. Pix to come, or not, when I get home.



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Photo gallery (Smugmug).


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