Flying home


So after this trip, I’ve slpt overnight at 3 different airports now: Taoyuan (TPE), Paris (CDG), and Dublin (DUB). The strangest thing is, Dublin’s airport was bustling and alive starting at 3am. The other two (TPE and CDG) were still dead quiet as I went through immigration and got to my gate for my morning flight. Dublin’s a different story, which, as I saw, had 22 scheduled flights between 5.50am and 6.35am. Crazy. And it was like 40 flights from 5.50am-7am. And all but 3 of the 40 flights were operated by either Ryanair or Aer Lingus. They’re awfully damn busy for a small int’l airport.

Our Avro RJ85 plane. Ryanair fleet in the background.

Touchdown in CDG and had an hour to make my connection on the flight out to SFO. CDG has such a weird terminal naming scheme. Terminals 1 and 2. But it’s actually Terminals 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G. Then Terminal 2E has gates K, L, and M. These little planes weren’t given a gate by the terminal, so arriving in CDG meant parking in the middle of the air field, busing in, and then I had to run around to reach my int’l flight. Which just so happened to be at the furthest gate possible. Yay. Also, not sure if I mentioned, but Air France’s IFE (In Flight Entertainment) system is one of the lamest I’ve ever encountered. There were points in the UI that I was trying to “continue” in, but depending on the page, there would be 1 of 4 ways for me to do so. Use the up/left arrows (this also varied from page to page, ugh, even though I never took it out of it’s dock), press the “ok” button, press the “A” button, or actually physically touch the screen. Why is there no consistency in navigation!? It was the same on the flight over as well. Like I mentioned earlier, I was not wowed by Air France on this trip. At least the food was better this time around. Also copped a white wine and cognac to help me get through this leg of the trip. By the way, the upper Y (economy class) cabin was fantastic, as it’s only shared by the business class up front, so all 40 of us (out of maybe 400+ Y passengers) had a pretty quiet/small cabin environment. That was nice.

AF84 (A380) parked at SFO

And then at SFO, like I mentioned before, Virgin America had oversold the flight. Still kinda hurting about it. But I talked about that already. The flight experience, was pretty fantastic. The IFEs here were better than on AF. And that was an int’l flight. This was domestic. Seats also felt better too. No snacks though. AA didn’t either. But every time the sis flies Southwest, she gets snacks. So, hmm. And of course, everyone loves VX’s interior cabin lighting. Which I didn’t get a picture of. Dangit. Had to sit next to a crowd of traveling high school kids. So damn boisterous. Were we that bad back then? Haha. Their chaperone had to shut them up. Thank you.

I just gotta try out Southwest, Delta, and United to see how these short-haul domestic flights go.

Looking down on LA (405/Wilshire/Veteran cemetary. UCLA’s behind the clouds =[[)

Thanks Daniel for fighting through LA traffic compounded by rain weather to pick me up.



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Photo gallery (Smugmug).


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