Wrapping Up

Beers consumed:

Fri: 1 pt Guinness (lunch)
Sat: 1 pt Guinness (tour)
Sun: 1 pt Guinness (lunch) , 1 pt Guinness (dinner), 1 pt Smithwick’s (pub), 1 pt Cute Hoor (pub)
Mon: 1 pt Guinness (dinner)
Tues: 1/2 pt Murphy’s (lunch), 1 pt Franciscan Well Pale Ale (lunch)
Wed: 1 pt Guinness (dinner), 1 pt Magners Irish Cider (dinner)

Not sure who won. Calories from a daily Guinness+, or calories lost from 10km+ walking every day.


Distance walked: (as measured by my Xiaomi Mi Band)

Thurs: 18.39 km (Paris)
Fri: 12.09 km (Dublin)
Sat: 17.86 km (Dublin)
Sun: 13.2 km (Galway – Cliffs of Moher)
Mon: 14.97 km (Galway – Connemara)
Tues: 10.49 km (Dublin – Cubh, Cork, Blarney)
Wed: 12.83 km (Dublin – Malahide & Belfast)


The spending. Links to a read-only google doc of my itemized spending for this trip.

All in all, my numbers come out to about $872.69 after converting from EUR or GBP back to USD, with the highest possible conversion rate used for the duration of my trip. Airfare’s not on the list, but as I mentioned in previous posts, flights from SFO/CDG/DUB was $457.10, for which I was able to redeem $325 against the flight using my credit card rewards, so that came out to $132.10 of spending out of pocket. Then the LAX/SFO legs were booked via credit card rewards as well, for a total of $155.06 in value.

Trip value: $1484.85
Trip cost: $1004.79

So I came in at about $1000 for this whole trip (actual conversion rates from my CC are lower than my highest estimate), but that was the ballpark I was aiming for.



It’s crazy. Everything packed went into my TNF Surge backpack (which serves as my regular school backpack). I think at most, my backpack weighed 15 lbs (without a full water bottle/canteen).


Most valuable items used on this trip:

  • Twine, as a make-shift clothesline. It was really helpful in drying wet/washed clothes.
  • Portable battery pack (10400 mAh): charging overnight meant I could run all day and not be afraid of losing juice.

Least valuable items used on this trip:

  • Selfie stick: number of uses: 0.
  • Kindle: number of uses: 0.

Items needed for future trips:

  • Gloves!
  • Better rain jacket/windbreaker


Google Maps!


The whole of the trip (LAX/SFO/CDG/DUB).


Moving about Paris, France (May 7, 2015).


Roaming about Ireland (May 8-14, 2015).

The tracking of me in Ireland seemed to get a little wonky as I traveled across the country. I think it was the train’s wifi throwing things off.


And a link to all my tweets I remembered to put a hashtag on: #DL2IRE15.



#DL2IRE15 | Paris un | Paris deux | Doob-lin | Galway | Cobh, Cork, & Blarney | The Last Day | Flying Home | Wrapping Up

Photo gallery (Smugmug).


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