Who the hell makes a test of 40 questions based on 500+ slides of powerpoints? Goddamn.

And from the previous tests she’s given, we (as a class) have all done poorly on them. Because we were both misdirected int what to study for (and then she goes, didn’t you guys study? Uh, yeah, we did, but not on what we were tested on bc you said ignore it. And. The phrasing of some questions. Bah.)

Decided to go back over some yrbook inserts the other day (both bc of a TIFU post I read, and bc I was cleaning, and cleaning = looking at old things). Seems like an eternity ago when I’d have the luxury of talking to ppl late into the night. Either on chat. Or text. Or phone. (to 3am, said one insert. how the…) Was nice though. Especially before test days. Worrying together. And the like.

But AIM has gone by the wayside. And times have just changed in general.

[edit]: I think I know why her tests suck. All the info here is rote memorization. For my other class, his tests are a result of conceptual understanding and application of said concepts on the human body. That stuff just makes sense.


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