Memory Lane Trippin

Was driving to school the other day, doing the usual of grinding it out on bumper to bumper traffic while listing to 104.3 myFM during my morning commute. “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt came on the radio. Which at this point, makes it a 10 year old song still getting airplay on the radio because it came out in 1995. And I remember hearing this song all the time when I was at the babysitter’s over the weekend because her three high school aged children played it often. (Sidenote, eldest son, middle daughter, and youngest daughter in that family. The youngest daughter would sometimes play monopoly w/ me. Haha. Anywho.) So as the mind was wondering down memory lane on this morning commute, I also remembered that, most of my weekends were spent plopped down in front of a television watching Cartoon Network all day long. That got me wondering, how in the world did my mind survive all those countless hours of mind-numbing television and still manage to function properly (if not better than average) through school. I don’t have an answer to that.


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