Good timesss

I woke up hugging a bucket. In addition to the pounding headache I was having. Let’s not mention the guy who decided to use my leg as a pillow.

I guess all that just means I had a pretty good time last night right?

I mean, yeah it was a good time, but I think there was also the fact that I was liberally mixing my beer and liquor towards the end of the night. And that I don’t really remember anything after midnight (And actually, the last 3 hours until midnight are a blur). The cool thing is, my little fitness band also tracks my movements based on its accelerometer, so it’s able to tell me that I KOed at 2:22am and ended up having one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while, by way of having 5h and 37m in deep/REM sleep.

It was a friend’s celebratory grad bbq shindig. And it was good to see ppl I haven’t in a while. We used to chill at her house a lot in HS, seeing as how it was like a 5 minute walk from campus. I think her youngest brother is taller than me now. And gonna be a freshman in HS? And another friend’s youngest sister just graduated HS?? Getting old man.

Good times last night, with the alcohol flowing, a couple of boxes of oysters, and the endless offerings of chicken and ribs. The alcohol imbibing then was fun. The aftermath was not. The vomiting, the headache, the beautiful clothes I was wearing (thankfully did not get it anywhere in the house).

1 coors, 2 blue moons, 3? swigs of Remy VSOP, 2? swigs of Jameson. Ppl kept insisting on mixing the liquor w/ coke. I just wanted to taste the flavor. =[[ If I had more than what I listed, I can’t remember it. [Edit: Apparently I was told that I did have more than what’s listed, which would explain how messed up I got, bc I swear 8 drinks isn’t thaaaat bad.]

Last time things got this bad was Macau 2014. And then college 2011. And every time after, I’m like, I’m not doing this again. And then I end up doing it again. Hey-o. Or at least, I gotta work on staying within my limits (which seems to be < 8 drinks). Eh.


– Stole the pic off ig.


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