Another term done, and by the numbers, we’re halfway through! We just finished term 4 out of 8 terms. And actually, they just changed the schedule and moved up our graduation date. Instead of our program ending late June, now we’ll be getting out early June (2016). Kuhl. But before we get there, we’ll still have 3 6-week clinical/internship rotations, and those start in late November. Meaning, there’s just 4 more months of class before they send us out to actually work with patients as a PTA (student). And luckily for me, I’m still holding a 4.0 (by way of getting enough to have a 89.5 in the class, which rounds up to an A).

Ultimately, we’ve as a class have come to understand that, in order to really prepare ourselves for what’s to come (board exam, probably in Sept/Oct ’16), and actually, even to prep for our normal tests, we’ll need to learn and cover the material on our own.

Doing things on our own seems to be how it’s gonna go. Hum.

Until we get back on the grind, ~2 week break. But ~7 days in Cabo first.


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