As I mentioned in my previous entry, I got to rent a car! Because I’m 25! Whoo!! We got a small little Nissan Versa (Heroes tv show, anyone?) Because renting a car is a whole lot easier to get from our place in the middle of nowhere. And it’s automatic, so no problems there. $450 USD for 6 days of driving, gas included, with dropoff at airport. One way shuttles to the airport would’ve been $45, so we’re saving $90 there (parents leave Wednesday, the sister and I remain til Friday).

Now, the problem with renting a car is having to deal with parking in a new and unknown place. And the parking fees. And of course, the actual driving itself. Driving on this Transpennisular Highway means its my first time driving on a freeway outside home. And there aren’t any clearly marked exit signs. And when you do exit, you have like like 50m of distance to go from freeway speeds to regular speeds. And some of these exits, you’re going off to a parallel road that has speed bumps (which I took my tiny little car over a little too quickly; I never saw it coming in the night).

But. Back to the parking thing. We had a sunset cruise/dinner thing on a little boat that would take us around the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. But we didn’t know where to park. So I parked in a mall ($20 Peso all day parking). And we decided to look for the dock before the boarding time. And found out that it was on the other side of the marina! Which my quick research right now says is about 1.5 km. Which took us an eternity to walk for some reason. And then we walked back. And moved the car. And. Yeah. Too much walking.

Sunset ship thing. Alcohol. No whiskey. We saw the Arch! Something something famous about Cabo. T’was cool. And all the ships out there seemed to leave at the same time and return at the same time. Interesting.

In front of el Archo

Next day was an attempt at going on a glass-boat tour and snorkeling as well. But the waves got too big, so they cancelled that on us. Which led us to go paddleboarding instead. We’ve been kayaking a million times, but never paddle boarding, so this was a new experience. A little difficult. But manageable. Given the option, I’d rather stay in a kayak, as you get to sit the entire time. I coincidentally took a little swim in the Pacific. Not by choice. But s’all good. Haha.

Also had some really good fish tacos. And now since I’ve got my phone working, I was able to check in on yelp! Haha. Will probably have to make another trip back before we leave.

And, last observation. Un Dolar Cervezvas everywhere.

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