Moar adventures

So this was supposed to be the last of our adventuring activities, as we had paid $200 for 4 people to partake in the sunset Arch cruise, the glass-bottom boat tour & snorkeling (exchanged for paddle boarding & addt’l snorkeling on Thursday), and this package with the group Cabo Adventures. What they are is a company that provides a number of different crazy things for you to do in Cabo, including zip lining, swimming with dolphins, camel riding, and other crazy things. Looks like their website is advertising their zip lining adventure as $129 per person, so I’d like to think we got a heck of a deal. All made possible by attending that blasted time share sales presentation. But what’re you gonna do.

Included in our reservation was pickup from our hotel and ride back at the end of the day. That was awesome because the zip lining adventure was located about an hour away from our hotel. Whoosh.

This adventure included like 6 or 7 zip lines, including the normal sitting down through the zip line, going upside down, riding tandem, and going down laying down (a la Superman!) for 1200m (nearly 4000 ft) distance, all of which took like a whole 60 seconds to get through. Scattered across these zip lines included some light hikes from ledge to ledge, crossing the river by walking on a rope, ladder/rock climbing up, rappelling down the side of the cliff, wading thru the river (I actually chose to zipline across), then more climbing up the side of the cliff.

Rappelling down

Of course, no cameras allowed on the course, but they threw a go pro on you for the Superman zip line down, which of course you had to pay for. And right before we got there, we ended with riding an ATV type vehicle through a muddy course that had cows roaming freely through it. Eh. Haha.

We made it back to base camp in time, just as the rain started to pour down on us (including the lightning and thunder), and were met with homemade cheese quesadillas (flour rolled into a ball and pressed down) and thrown on a grill. Of course, with some awesome salsa too.

(full minute video on youtube)

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Photo gallery (Smugmug)


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