Juan Carlos

No updates yesterday; yesterday we sent the parents back home, checked out a small church in Cabo San Lucas (because it would be wrong to visit another country and not look at the interior of the churches), and had dinner at another recommended establishment. Chill day.

Today, we went snorkeling in the morning and horseback riding in the afternoon. So I guess you could say we made up for that chill day by packing in a double whopper of events. The morning one involved taking us on a small boat tour of the same area that we had our sunset cruise on There was a little piece I wanted to see, but our boat didn’t go up near it, which is sometimes called the “Window to the Pacific,” as it’s a tiny little crack you can see from the Mar de Cortez (Sea of Cortez, aka Gulf of California) into the Pacific Ocean on the other side. There was also a rock formation that kinda looked like a dog, and our boat driver pointed it out as Scooby Doo. Hah. Then we were dropped off at Pelican beach (which has pelicans staying on rocks, as per the beach’s namesake), and this is apparently the place to go snorkeling because of all the fishes there (and pelicans too I s’pose). It was my first time snorkeling, and I may have panicked my first time out (You don’t breathe through your nose?? At all?? Yeah, I’m a noob). Was able to go out a couple times, and saw fishes, and was like cool, I’mma chill on the beach. And got sunburned while watching the sister have fun and waiting for our ride back to shore. There were people jumping off a rock formation, which looked fun, but I was still tryna get a handle on the whole snorkeling/swimming without taking your nose out of the water/only using your mouth to breathe. And all the sitting/waiting on the beach with no shade meant I got surnburned. Boo.

This isn’t creepy. At all.

We hit up the same taco place we had been to a few days ago, got back to our room to rinse off, and then awaited a pick up for our next adventure. Horseback riding! (A lot of the adventures that you can book offer a shuttle to/from hotels built into the price, so that’s nice. Especially since it was like an hour’s drive from our hotel to the location of horses. Which actually, the place was more of a ATV/”Racer” location that also had horses for riding. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a horse before, so this would be my first time on a horse.

My sister’s horse was named Mateo. I think my horse was named Diablante or something. And our tour guide for the 2 hrs we had on horseback was named Juan Carlos. At the beginning of our ride, my horse decided that the sand felt good, and he kinda buckled down into the ground. Which got me really worried. Then he rolled over, and I tried to hop off the saddle, ish. Thankfully, we were on flat level sand ground, as other terrains we trekked were high single roads with cactus on either side, so falling/rolling there would’ve been much more painful. Not to mention that an average horse can weigh about 1000 pounds… If the horse had rolled onto me… Scary. But. The horse, after it had gotten rid of me, proceeded to try and itch itself on the ground like you would see a dog do. And I’m just sitting on the ground next to this guy going, really? This is what you’re doing? The horse also had attitude, with constant head rearing, siighs, walking away from the little caravan we had, or walking with its nose right next to the butt of the horse in front, of even trying to overtake the horse in front. After the ride is over, this is funny to recall and say that my horse had some crazy attitude, but at the time, it was like, yo, horse, get with the program! And near the end of our time, the horse started smelling/licking my shoe, and after I got off and was saying goodbye to the dude, it proceeded to turn its chest into me and rub its nose up and down. Strange horse.

So we had like 2 hours out on the open desert, with a bunch of cactus around us, and eventually made our way to the beach and explored a bit before returning back to base. With all the time we had, I talked with our tour guide, whose name was Juan Carlos, and boy did this guy have an awesome story. As a 44 year old guy working in tourism, he had definitely seen a bunch of things around the world.

He was born in Acapulco, near Cancun, and had been fortunate enough to learn English at a young age. Eventually, he decided that he wanted to improve his English, and the only way to do so was by using it, so he up and left town and went to LA. He illegally crossed the border and lived there for awhile, and even had a chance to leave town back to Mexico and cross the border again without getting caught. But he did have a small issue of getting lost in the desert for 3 days before getting back on track. That’s crazy. He then left LA and spent like a decade in Atlanta, Georgia and also had some time along the east cost in North Carolina and New Jersey (Atlantic City). After his US trek, he made it up to Vancouver and Alberta, working with concrete. He was like, one of his job offers landed him a $1000 signing bonus, a weekend in a nice small hotel, and like $35/hr. He provided the kicker by saying, the pay was that well because they were working in like -20 degree weather. Hahaha damn. He eventually made his way back to Mexico for his family, and had done other tourism jobs around the area. It was actually just his 3rd week with the company he said. Coolbeans.

The most fun he had on the job was while working out in Atlantic City in New Jersey. It was interesting because the story he told here kinda mimicked the adventures I had with a friend of a friend in Macau. My tour guide was mostly doing tourism there, taking people around town, making sure they got to the right places and parties and whatnot. He said his life then was just getting paid to party and partying for free. He said his wallet was never empty then. But that he wishes his younger self saved a bit more for him in his later life.

Ultimately, our tour came to and end, and we went our separate ways. It was a good chat. And the dude is a little (lot) older than the usual tourism folks, as he says they usually want younger people engaging the tourists. But I’m glad we had Juan Carlos. And here’s hoping thing’s go well for him going forward

Today was our last full day. Flight’s at ~2pm tomorrow. Time flies when you’re having fun eh?

Iguana inside animal area after horseback riding

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