Brace Yourself…

Clinicals are coming!

I just finished week 1 of 4 of this truncated term, where we have to learn as much about cardiopulmonary issues as possible in the span of less than four weeks. Here’s what that final week’ll look like:

M Nov 16th: Exam 3
T Nov 17th: No class
W Nov 18th: FINAL
R Nov 19th: FINAL Practical
F Nov 20th: Day 1 Clinical Rotation

On top of that, we’ll also be having a test every Monday, because there’s such a shortened span of class time to administer exams. Fun (not really), and this just means that I’ll be constantly on the lookout for the next assignment/exam leading up until the 18th. Aka I’ll kinda be busy for a while, and I guess I might disappear from the world (not like I’ve really been hanging out with folks anyway; thanks for all the Halloween activity invitations!)

Then this first round of clinical rotations are a bit weird, seeing as day 1 is a Friday, then we’ll have 3 days on a shortened Thanksgiving week, 3 weeks and a Monday before a wk week Winter Break, and finally 2 weeks in January before wrapping up. Which is kinda great that we have so many days off for the Holiday, as is the norm for school, but it really makes for a choppy experience, and is also something we probably wouldn’t get once we’re finally working.

So, I just need to get past these next 3 weeks, (week 1 done), and then no more classes until late January, where we’ll have another insane 4 week class, followed again by a 6 week clinical rotation (#2), one week Spring Break, and our last 6 week clinical rotation (#3). We’ll be back on campus for about another 4 weeks before wrapping up our time there. June 8, 2016 can’t come soon enough.

It’s scary and exciting that clinicals are really finally here (we’re going to be working with actual patients. Cray man). I think my place looks like an outpatient facility, meaning people make appointments and come in to do a therapy session before going home. I’ve yelped the place, and it looks like they’ve got some common folks with back or shoulder problems, so that all sounds simple enough. And it’ll be in Montebello! Which is a helluva better drive than going down to Garden Grove every morning.

But beyond that, I have to ask, what’s a social life? There’s a lot of people I don’t hear from anymore, and it’s not from a lack of trying on my part either. Wompwomp, but whatever.


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