People are annoying

Yeah no header picture for this one. That’s a hard requirement to keep myself to, esp as I’ve stopped/don’t have the time to go out photog-ing.

Just another quick update/snippet about thing. 4 weeks of class are done, and we’re all heading out to clinicals tomorrow. So instead of my 60 min freeway drive, it’ll be a <30 min local drive. And then again, this’ll be my first time as an actual treating SPTA (student physical therapist assistant).

But for our last test, this one smart guy thought it’d be cool to take my seat. I’d like to think that most people like normal routine and rhythm and get into a habit of actions. And our class is a small 20+ group, not like a huge lecture hall where you don’t really have “your seat.” I’ve been sitting in the same seat of the past 4-5 months, and this guy decides to screw everything up at the last minute. I didn’t think that I was a grudge holding person. This just served to remind me that I can be. Is this petty? Stupid? Yeah. But it’s been two days, and I’m still mentioning it right now, sooo…

Also, with the weird school schedule of not having traditional schedules (like a quarter/semester schedule), no one knows where I am in my studies. (Then again, no one really bothers asking in the first place. Eh.) So I was appreciative of a quick “hey how were finals.” Outside of our cohort, not many people care enough to ask. Which can kinda extend to people not caring enough about others to bother asking about others in the first place.

A few a us went out for lunch following today’s last day on campus.  Included in this group is one girl that I just can’t stand. I think it all started from when she got a high score on one of our exams (I’m fine w/ that not being me), but she proceeded to let out a guttural yell of joy. I was like, dafuq? Then she switched labs into ours, and slowly encroached upon my area (again, going back to me and my space. It’s my space. Don’t mess.). It wasn’t just a small slow takeover either. It was, one day, just a sprawling mess of backpack, books, folders, papers, ipad, phone, and sweater all over the mat. Straw that broke the camels back right here. And of course, for our last project in class, I get partnered up with her. It wasn’t supposed to be anything intense, but I had to spend 3 hours outside of class with this person, because she was intense and afraid that we forgot to cover something we needed to (My commute home also doubled from 40 min to 80 minutes that day. Was not happy). I wanted to present on day 1, but she was jittery and not ready and didn’t want to go. So our presentation date got pushed back twice. During which she kept asking if she needed to add/change/fix this or that. And I was just like, chill the fuck out. Of course I couldn’t say that. But thankfully another classmate who’s a closer friend to her caught on my mood and said it for me. Of course, we presented, and it was quick and chill, and all her worrying/intenseness was for naught. Bah.

You can tell how bugged I was about all that, seeing as how that was the longest paragraph in this entry. All that just relates to how, after a beer (two actually), I was able to tolerate her.

Yeah. All I learned in wrapping up our classroom time together (until mid-Jan, after MLK) is that I hate people and hold grudges. Well, maybe I’d hate people a lot less if I just always had a beer in my hand. But that’d make me an alcoholic, and people tend to frown upon that. Bummer.


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