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I don’t remember when we bought our last TV, but I didn’t have any input on that purchase a some years back. I finally persuaded the dad that our TV was aging poorly (as evidenced by the wavy lines slowly zooming up/down across our TV. This was right around Black Friday, so I got my dad into looking/thinking about TV’s on sale. Except, I wanted to avoid brand new/seasonal releases, as tech (especially TV and laptops) made for these occasions seem to be of lower quality parts. So we settled on looking at a Vizio M60-C3, a 60″ 4kUHD smart TV. (Sidenote, s’posedly current technology is still growing into the 4k resolution, so many TVs aren’t quite capable of handling this yet. But, whatever).

Dell was having a BF sale on this model for only $799.99 (regular price was >1k atm). I’ve read about Discover’s Price Protection feature, and that they’ll accept BF prices to price match, so I bought it off of Amazon ($1088+tax = $1190.92) with the intention of PMing it off Discover. (They’ll refund up to $500 on eligible items within 90 days of purchase, I think up to $2500 refunded/yr). Of course, the PM only works off of the subtotal, so I’m looking at a $288.01 refund. Which isn’t that slick, but it’s nice. I stayed up anyway on BF to see how the website would work, and the TV on Dell sold out in like 2 seconds. So that was a joke. Not that I’m surprised.

But. I couldn’t initiate the Discover PM process until Amazon charged me, and that was a delayed process since I had to schedule delivery for a weekend. So once I  finally got the invoice, I started up the process, sent in my info, and am currently waiting on Discover’s 3rd party processing company for a resolution. Other’s (in previous BF years and earlier for the same TV using Dell’s website) have been successful, so I expect my claim to be approved, according to them, in 10-12 days after submission (It’s been like 5 days?).

The trouble with all this is, Amazon chose to use this “XPO Last Mile” company (links to their yelp page; lots of horror stories for Amazon TV delivery, sadly) for their “last mile” delivery service. (Interesting tangent of “last mile” logistics for both communications/delivery and transportation. Well, I think it’s interesting). So I had scheduled delivery for 12/5 (Sat) 12-3pm. 3pm rolls by, and, nothing. Well, it’s the holiday season, so I’ll wait a bit. 4pm. 5pm. 6pm. Now I’m upset. I chat up Amazon, and they’re like, oh, we found out at 4pm that XPO was having problems. Sorry. I’m like, you couldn’t bother telling me that at 4pm or 5pm or something? Any update at all? Instead of me sitting at home the whole day? Ineptitude on both Amazon and XPO’s side. If either party took a minute to tell me delivery was delayed, I would’ve been upset, but at least I would’ve known. Bah.

So here I am continuing to talk to Amazon chat about how terrible everything is, and I know from previous experience that Amazon wants to keep you happy, at almost any cost. So after I get a weak apology, I ask if there’s anything they can do for my inconvenience to compensate me for my time. I’m expecting like maybe $100 or something, basically having Amazon throw me a bone. But the guy responds with a 20% refund off the total for my trouble. Whoa. So he processes that, and I see it on my invoice, but he did the 20% off my subtotal. So again I’m complaining, bc he said 20% off total, not subtotal. He says wait a sec, and 5 minutes later (this chat session was a total of 45 minutes… lol), he comes back with some other number I wasn’t expecting. His math was.. interesting. He added the subtotal refund to the TOTAL amount to get a new “original amnt” for which he took a percentage off of lol…

Desc. Amnt.
Subtotal $1088
TOTAL (+tax) $1190.92
20% refund x subtotal $217.60
His new “original amnt” $1408.52
20% refund x “original amnt” $281.70

So this is 12/5 (Saturday) night, and I’ve gotten an effective 23.65% refund off purchase price. Cool. Except, I wake up Sunday morning and check my email, and I’ve gotten $301.46 refunded to my CC. I could see how the Chat guy came up with his new number, but even I don’t know where this refund amount came from. And that’s a 25.31% refund. So. Yay.

Chat guy said XPO would call me within 24 hrs to reschedule delivery. Nope. Got a call Tuesday afternoon (12/8, 5pm) that they’re delivering Wed 12-3pm. I’m like, are you kidding me? I’m at work. I scheduled delivery for a weekend for a reason. So I immediately call them back to change delivery date, and I’m on hold for THREE DAMN HOURS. I’ve never been on hold that long. Then the asshat picks up, and doesn’t even apologize for the delay or sound remotely sorry at all. Then he just says he can’t guarantee a Saturday delivery, nor can he offer me a delivery window. Bull. Shit. I’ve spent 3 extra hours waiting on Saturday, and now 3 extra hours on the phone here.

So again I complain to Amazon, this time through a strongly worded letter. I mentioned my whole ordeal w/ XPO from Saturday’s excess waiting to Tuesday’s 3 hr hold time. And how I’ve been w/ Amazon since 2008. And how this incident is making me “reconsider choosing Amazon for any large purchases in the future.” I just wanted to give Amazon a complaint/data point about how bad XPO was. But again, next morning, I’m surprised with a email in response, with the usual apologies, fwding your case to the appropriate parties (“on priority”), and here’s the fun part, with “another refund of $301.46 total to your credit card.” Whoa. This one hasn’t shown up yet, but I trust Amazon to hold to their word, so I’m expecting that soon too.

XPO finally delivered this morning (got a call Friday afternoon saying delivery scheduled for 12/12 9am-12pm). They called again ~30min before saying they’re on their way. Amazon s’posedly says they offer (through XPO?) “Enhanced Delivery,” where large items will be delivered, unboxed, plugged in, and checked for dmg/working condition before leaving, taking out trash/packaging. Yeah, XPO dropped it off and bounced. Is this worth another complaint? Maybe not, I’m tired of this ordeal. At least I have the TV. Just gotta wait for the dad to get home and make sure everything works/turns on lol.

[Edit after post; TV’s purchased from Amazon have a 30 day low price guarantee. Bestbuy is offering the tv for 999.99, so Amazon Chat just gave me another $99 back. Hahahahaha.

And. I realize all these refunds from Amazon will probably reduce my Discover cb amounts. Oh well. Worth it.

Lame. This Chat rep counted the $99 low price refund as part of the $301.46 I was s’posed to get in an email. Aka I’m missing out on $99. The heck!]

[Edit 2: I don’t know how Amazon calculates refund prices anymore. I gained some back after sending in another email]

[Edit 3: Didn’t get my 2nd “301.46, but got 220.84 + “Goodwill” of 70.24. Bah]

Final price breakdown:

Desc. Amnt.
Subtotal $1088
TOTAL (+tax) $1190.92
Discover Price Protection (12/17) -$288.01
Discover – 4th Q Amazon: 5% cb -$56.05
Discover double cash back (pending Jul 2016) -$56.05
Amazon Chat refund (12/5) -$301.46
Amazon email refund (12/12) $301.46 $220.84
Amazon Goodwill refund (12/12) -$70.24
Amazon TV low price Guarantee (12/12) -$108
Expected FINAL TOTAL $90.27

As of this post (12/12/15), my total cost on this TV is $829.91. Which is a decent price in it’s own right. But when everything else kicks in… Oh boy. Almost makes it seem like I’m glad I had to deal with all this hassle. (or ?~90% off… hahahaha)

[Edit 3: 12/12/15 nighttime current cost total: $490.38. Just purely from Amazon refunds lol]

Final Amazon tracking: (try and make sense of it…)

tv delivery


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